Sunday, June 16, 2019

Special Sunday. . . . . . for birds and Dads!

It turned out there were actually eight baby House wrens in that little 
nesting box on the front porch! How they managed to fit in there,
and sometimes one or the other parents would get in there with them,
I'll never know.  During yesterday's sunshine and perfect temperatures,
I spent much of the day sitting at the window, nursing one of the worst 
colds ever, watching these birds and getting quite an education.
This adorable little guy, No.4, actually decided not to fly away immediately 
spending about 5 minutes looking in the window from the back of
the porch chairs before flying off.

As darkness fell last night there were still two left in the box and they
tucked in for another night. This morning I dashed to the window at 
6:20 am and saw a parent feeding them. At 6:30 am the two of them 
were pushing each other out the entry hole and off they flew one at a
 time into the fig tree. Ten minutes later they flew back to the porch,
chirping for their mom I guess, then both flew onto the roof of my car
and from there into the back garden where hopefully the entire family
 was waiting to be reunited.

Returned home from Ireland to find the hydrangeas looking really fabulous! 
Apparently there was not only heat but also a lot of heavy rain here so 
everything grew abundantly. Need to shop for Boston ferns this week as
my two hanging baskets are still empty!
Hung the flags for Flag Day on Friday and decided to leave them up over
 the weekend as it's a special day today.

A very HAPPY FATHER'S DAY to all the dads here
 in the USA . . . . . . and everywhere around the world
 where they are celebrated on this date.


  1. Oh my! Those hydrangea are glorious! I love watching a parent bird trying to coax the babies into flying by tempting them with food and then flying off again. It's truly amazing what they go through. And a miracle when all the little baby birdies fly off on their own.

  2. New life is so precious isn't it? It's wonderful that you can see these little creatures hatching and growing. Your hydrangeas look gorgeous. Our weather went from very pleasant to very hot almost overnight and some of the leaves on mine are brown and dry at the edges. It's a major challenge for me to make sure they survive our very dry summers. Las year it rained nearly every 2 weeks during summer but it doesn't look like we sill be so lucky this time round.

  3. Your hydrangeas are truly fabulous!
    What, eight little birds in that house?! The parents must be so exhausted from all the feeding!
    Sorry to hear the worst cold ever is still with you.
    Get well soon, dear Mary!

  4. Oh sweet baby wren! How special to have a front row seat.
    Love, love your hydrangeas. I was noticing ours is getting quite large and full of blossoms too. You are ahead on the color showing. Just beautiful!
    Hope Bob had a lovely father's day.

    1. Glad you now have hydrangeas coming into bloom - they are really awesome shrubs!

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  5. I love baby birds! We have a family in our front holly bush and every time you walk by it the mom attacks you. As for your hydrangeas, they are spectacular!

    1. Our birds have been busy this year - I aways admire those tiny creatures huge efforts to protect their young. I was shocked yesterday when opening the House wrens' nesting box now they've left - nest SO small and can't believe how those 8 babes fit in there!


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