Sunday, June 9, 2019

Galway to Dublin. . . . . .

Another leg of our wander around Northern Ireland and Ireland brought us back
 to Dublin. The trip from Galway was enjoyable, more lovely green countryside
 to view from the train windows, and a slightly drier day with clouds and touches
 of blue. It has been quite wet and rather chilly much of the trip.

Traditional Irish music has filled our ears - whenever we could find it - bringing
 on toe tapping and hand clapping, both on the streets and within the low-ceilinged,
dark wood walls, and old planked floors, of historic pubs.

First night in Dublin we were back eating at our favorite Italian down by the
 famous Ha'penny Bridge crossing the River Liffey. 
Being the start of the weekend Dublin was of course crowded beyond
 belief - we felt somewhat like the oldest people on the street, and probably were!
Nights in big cities are definitely for the young.

Saturday we were back on the train heading south to Waterford for the day,
and today again, but not quite as far, leaving the train in Kilkenny.
More stories to come of two interesting and quite different towns,
 as we dodged raindrops, sighed happily when the sun popped out, climbed
 castle steps, found a great Irish silversmith (yes bought a beautiful keepsake!),
and had a lovely chat with an author in one of those enjoyable pub breaks to
quench the thirst.


  1. Wish you had stuck me in your suitcase! Maybe next time?

  2. It sounds like you're having lots of fun. Pity the weather has been chilly. I can send some sunshine your way. The temperature suddenly soared to the high 30s this weekend. It was awfully hot.

  3. What fun, it sounds so relaxing! :)

  4. What a wonderful trip you are having!

  5. The views are breath taking! Oh the energy of the young is delightful in the city.


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