Monday, June 3, 2019

Just half a day in lovely Sligo. . . . . . .

Working our way south, we traveled by bus to Sligo from Derry-Londonderry today. 
Rain fell intermittently, washing the windows, blotting the scenery, but gracing
 the overcast skies with rainbows as we began to travel the Wild Atlantic Way.
 This is the outer edge of Europe stretching along the west coast of Ireland starting
 in County Donegal and ending in County Cork. 

We passed through some beautiful scenery - high hills with gushing waterfalls,
 rolling fields, gorse and sheep covered moorland-type land, interspersed with
 huge stands of fir trees, and a castle here and there.

This afternoon we walked the town in sunshine. The Garavogue river winds its
way from Lough Gill through Sligo town, rushing by with water from recent rains.
It gave the town a feeling of France or Germany, small shops, sidewalk cafés, 
restaurants and historic pubs playing traditional music once late evening
 settled in. Some go back even before poet W.B. Yeats lived here. We listened,
and at the same time enjoyed chatting with young people from many countries,
working here or, like us, just visiting.

Tomorrow we move on to Galway. Having visited there before, and
enjoying it, we are really looking forward to our return.


  1. Your descriptions are wonderful!

  2. Seeing Sligo mentioned I suddenly remembered many years ago I helped do the research for a tour company and one of the tours was to Ireland. One of the stops on the tour was Sligo. I had never traveled anywhere outside the US, yet I was doing the research and making the reservations for this tour. Crazy?!!! Now seeing your pictures, I want to go there.

  3. Looks and sounds like a wonderful trip! Those colours are just so beautiful, and I bet they are even more so to the naked eye.

  4. Sounds as if you have had every kind of weather on your travels Mary !!! Beautiful photographs of majestic scenery and who doesn't love a rainbow ! I love a mixture of weather ..... blue skies are lovely but you can't beat a bit of dramatic weather. XXXX

  5. Rainbows in Ireland....did you find a pot of gold? It looks lovely there.


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