Saturday, June 22, 2019

Thinking and healing with movies. . . . .

Sometimes I think I think too much. Even Bob tells me "stop thinking and worrying so much, it's too stressful for you." I'm healing now from the miserable cold. Coughing still but feeling much better. I've passed the cold along to Bob, sorry dear.  I went grocery shopping yesterday as it was the first day I really felt I could handle public scrutiny - less coughing and nose wiping, more clean and shiny, blown-out hair, red lipstick, earrings and sandals. . . . . as it's back in the nineties here. It rained cats and dogs last evening.

I'm in green and pleasant Ireland in my mind. 
I'm still in slow motion.

I've viewed two amazing movies whilst housebound.  Second time around for the now old, but still wonderful, full of raw Italian post-World War II life. . . . . . Cinema Paradiso. The sub-titles keep you on your toes, eyes wide open, the actors hardly appear to be acting, it's all so captivating, funny, and often so sad.

The textures of life, rough, smooth, coarse, delicate and sturdy, all at once - Irish daisies on the train tracks.

The other movie was The City of Your Final Destination from 2009.  A wonderful James Ivory directed film full of beauty, longing, family, and breathtaking scenery of places not all of us are familiar with. Let's face it, families are different. I don''t think any are perfect. Observing them helps makes one understand more about one's own. Anthony Hopkins, Laura Linney, Omar Metwally, Charlotte Gainsbourg and supporting cast were excellent.  After the first half hour Bob commented it was "slow moving" . . . . I didn't reply because I was loving it so much and did not want my bubble burst. At the end, his first surprising words as the credits rolled were, "that was really great." Yes, he actually loved it.
I said we should do that . . . . . . . pack up, sell up, move to a beautiful place totally distant and new, enjoy the remaining years without ties and tribulations. Ridiculous I know, but escapism is something film has always given us - it makes us see life differently. 
Makes us think!


  1. I don't know either movie, but it is good to know you are better.
    As for living without ties, I think that can also make for a very lonely life.

  2. Mary, sorry you have been down with a cold. I can certainly relate as I've had some nasty virus for going on two weeks. I am getting better, but the cough hangs on.
    We have watched Cinema Paradiso mulitple times. Perhaps we should watch it again.
    Take care and hope Bob is better soon. Happy Summer!

  3. I haven't seen either movie. I will check them out. Glad to hear you are feeling better! Hope Bob feels better soon.

  4. I don't know either movie, but it is certainly easy to switch off and be seduced by a good one. Sorry to hear you've been inder the weather, Mary - get well soon!

  5. Oh how I think of moving somewhere different often. Wondering where you would move? I think of places either in England or France. Loved Cinema Paradiso several times! Now will check out the second movie.

  6. I'm so glad you are feeling better. Hope Bob does soon. I'm not familiar with either movie, but sometimes I dream of moving to a cabin in the woods, away from most of society, for a few months or a year. Books, sewing, walking, and dreaming would fill my time. Where would you go, Mary?


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