Thursday, September 12, 2019

A Memoir - Lakeside in Summer

Besides the bold Merrimack River which rushes over falls near the city's
 former world famous textile mills, where the water provided power in those
 long ago manufacturing days, there is a place of calm and beauty at 
Lake Massabesic in Manchester. 

We always stop at least once when in town, and it's especially
lovely on a hot summer's day, sitting on a bench waterside, watching 
sailboats and kayaks silently drift by - no motorboats permitted.
We pick up an ice cream at nearby Goldenrod, the best in town, and sit
 licking the huge cones of 'Frozen Pudding' our favorite old fashioned
 flavor - which we can never find anywhere else these days.
Bob tells me again of his happy childhood days here. They were mostly with
 his older brother John. The things two youngsters could get up to when sent out
 early morning and told not to come home until the street lights came on, would
 scare the heck out of today's parents whose children know very little about
 running free in their suburban neighborhoods, let alone in a bustling city.

This scenic lake is one of those places where one can truly feel relaxed and is
 just a few minutes drive from the cacophony of downtown traffic and bustling
 city sounds.

Manchester, New Hampshire has an extremely interesting history - read more
HERE if interested in the phenomenal growth of the American textile industry, 
sadly now just about gone.

I lived here for a couple years when first married. It was the town where I
 learned how family life was in America. I was fortunate as Bob's parents
 and other family members were close by, and very kind to me, and I needed
 all the help I could get! 
Although the family are gone from town, I enjoy going back and remembering
 those sometimes hard years. They were long ago, yet often feel like yesterday. 
 Sitting and reminiscing at the lake on that recent August day was perfect, and 
I'm thinking we'll be doing it again next year hopefully.


  1. Memories are priceless and these are such happy, precious ones for you and Bob, and I am sure that you will return again and again. I love the photos of the reeds with the blue flowers.

  2. What a beautiful, tranquil place. I think I would love it there very much.

  3. What a beautiful place with so many memories. xoxo

  4. Beautiful images and happy memories. I am so glad I grew up in a time where I was allowed to run the streets and the neighborhood until the street lights came on. We were barefoot and fancy free most summers, exploring everything we could. Those were the best of times. Really feel for kids these days who have lost their connection to the great outdoors.

  5. Beautiful and happy memories. I love NH and would love to move there but my husband is against going anywhere cold, so I simply enjoy our trips there. How wonderful to be surrounded by family when you were first married, that is indeed a gift. I love reading about you and your adventures. Have a wonderful weekend. Thank you for visiting the blog today! I hope that you get the H& M dress, I am ordering mine today.

  6. Beautiful! That word seems to be what each of us leaving comments is saying. Oh yes, I do remember those days when we could run free. What a place to start married life and imaging running free there.

  7. That must have been such a trip down memory lane for you! Still looks so idyllic, really. And as for that "huge cones of 'Frozen Pudding'" - YUM!!!


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