Saturday, September 14, 2019

'ELEPHANTINE' - and zebra too!

Are you, like me, enjoying a leisurely coffee this cool, at last, Saturday morning?
I'm also munching on a slice of crusty Farmer Bread slathered with butter
and my favorite English marmalade! 
It's the weekend and I'm in 'spoil myself' mode.

Never ready to pass by an attractive bakery/coffee shop, we were thrilled 
to stumble over Elephantine tucked into a tiny alley in Portsmouth, New Hampshire
during our recent visit to New England.
Elephants are much-loved by us having been a huge part of our African safaris.
Anytime I see something elephant-related I must explore!

The story of the bakery, its owners, its name, and how it came to be, is so interesting -
read about it HERE on their website.

Above, the charming owner Nadine with the most beautiful crafted breads and pastries.
I chatted with her about the stunning decor of the retail and seating area space,
 with a few tables and chairs for enjoying a drink and pastry. Bob and I each had an
 almond croissant, the best ever!
Outside, plenty more seating in the alley is an option to relax and
enjoy people watching.

Behind the counter the beautiful black and gold wall covering depicted animals
 and trees, with geometric patterns on adjoining walls, all were amazing . . . . . with
 vintage wood, marble, and brass touches, all blended together making an elegant yet 
colorful and comfortable space. . . . . 

. . . . . and then there was the restroom! 
Zebras cavorting across brilliant red walls, so unexpected and fun.

If ever in Portsmouth, a fun, bustling seaport hugged up to the bridge crossing 
the border with Maine (another favorite state) - don't forget to turn down the
 little alley and head for the elephant sign. 
At Elephantine you will be welcomed warmly by the fragrances of 
fresh baked breads and excellent coffee. . . . . .and friendly people.

Actually, Portsmouth is a place now on that little list I keep tucked away
 in the back of my mind of places I would consider moving to!

Enjoy your weekend.


  1. I love the art work on the wall behind Nadine, it must be of India since I see tigers. And the wall of happy zebras, Africa of course. That is nice to have a short list of possible retirement locations and that town sounds worthwhile.

    1. Dear Terra - we have actually been retired for a long time - we are old!!!!!!
      But I do sometimes think I'd like to return to New England - Bob is from NH - but it would have to be on the coast where snow is less!
      Portsmouth has become a very vibrant town since Bob worked there for a while in the seventies. It's a historic town that would be fun to live in, and close to Maine which we love, especially in summertime, also the mountains as well as the ocean. Plus we already know there's this wonderful bakery where we could hang out, haha! A girl can dream, right?

  2. Who knew such delights were just 90 minutes away? Not I that’s for sure. Your post almost makes me want to go. 🙂

    1. OMG I had no idea you were that close to Portsmouth Vee! Next time we're there I hope you will be enjoying a pastry with us!

  3. Oh I wish I lived close enough to go! I will just have to experience it through your blog.. but alas, no taste, no smell. Why are you going to add those features to your blog? (grin)

  4. . . . . . .and lovely bakeries just smell so delicious with all those yeasty pastries and fresh out of the oven breads! Scratch and sniff via computer - that's an idea, and don't you know someone will come up with it some day no doubt!
    Mary -

  5. What a lovely place! What is the average snowfall there, and what is the average winter temperature?

    1. Yikes we just checked - 53 inches! Jan. low temp 14F. Looks like our NC mountains may be easier to navigate in winter after all!!!!
      Mary x

    2. So true! I would love to find the perfect place with moderate temperatures year round.

  6. Love your photography! And yes, I love mornings like that.

    1. Thank you so much for stopping by and leaving such a kind comment. I hope you stop by often.
      Off to check your blog soon - I have a feeling you are a photographer, how fun!!!!!
      Mary -

  7. What a wonderful bakery! I looked at their website via the link you provided and wow, what an interesting young couple! I love the little bios of their staff members, too - very creatively written.

    I just made your tomato galette for dinner and it was absolutely delicious! I ate three small pieces and Brian ate FIVE! The whole thing is gone, lol. Will definitely be making again while I can still get fresh tomatoes from the farm stand.

    1. Yes, I agree Melanie - their story is awesome and Nadine was absolutely lovely, elegant and so friendly.
      Glad you liked the galette recipe, I may make another this week to use up tomatoes.

      Mary -

  8. What a fun shop! I love visiting a good local bakery. We have some new ones here, but not this fancy!
    Happy September!

  9. Oh My!!! Leave me here. I love almond croissants so much. The decor is amazing!

  10. Well, that looks TOTALLY up my alley! I'm more than thankful for our fabulous bakery here in Fort Collins but it's clsoed for 12 days for the holidays and renovations currently! SB doesn't quite cut it.


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