Friday, September 20, 2019

Classic Knits in Desert Shades -


Perhaps not for the desert, although those who camp out overnight
would require one as it does get chilly once the sun sets.
Sweaters in desert colors have however been on my radar recently.

Each year, especially around this time, the knitwear choices seem more
and more exciting. I'm definitely a sweater collector and probably
should never buy another, but when I see something that catches
my eye - a new style, a color I've been searching for, sumptuous yarn -
I'm hooked!
I have purchased this rust version because it checked all my boxes -
a color I've wanted for some time, mock turtleneck, dolman sleeves, 
lighter weight for here in the south, and at H&M quite inexpensive.

Coats can be knits too!  
This camel shade from H&M is a knitted fabric brushed on the outside
 to a soft, lightweight and cozy fabric, ideal as a grab and go casual coat, 
perfect for travel in the cooler weather. It is a classic cut, straight with
 good pockets, always a must for me. It also comes in a light grey, and a
 deep chocolate brown, and the price is awesome.
Yes, I did buy this one and I know I'll find it useful once the really chilly days
arrive and a longer coat feels better than a short jacket.

This collage displays some favorite things of the season. 
We've just enjoyed two early mornings with dew and much cooler
 temps - a fabulous feeling after such a long spell of heat. 

But the desert calls and soon we'll be feeling the heat again. . . . . .packing 
will not include hefty knitwear, perhaps just a classic cashmere cardigan
to throw over the shoulders evenings when on board the ship.

Best wishes for a lovely early Autumn weekend.
We're heading out of town for an overnight and a visit 
to dear friends. . . . . . then back here to really get on with 
all the things necessary to leave home and travel overseas. . . . . . 
. . . . . . . it's hard work, take my word for it!


  1. There is nothing better than the classics! I love all of these colors. I ordered a few things from H&M but I am going to go into the store and try on a few more pieces! I am sure your selections will look lovely. Have a wonderful day.

    By the way, I loved your comment about the acorns! I can just imaging the pain of having to pick them up and pull out the little trees, we have the same problem with our crepe myrtles.

  2. Love the colors of those sweaters. These last few cooler days has made me ready to purchase some warmer clothing!

  3. Love that sweater and the coat. Happy weekend! and packing for a new adventure! Dreaming of going to the desert. Enjoy!

  4. I do love sweater season and am tempted each year. I can't wear any wool, not even cashmere next to my skin so I look for toppers in wool or other fibres next to my skin. Your colours are very pretty.

  5. A beautiful collage of your favourite things this time of year, and lovely knitwear, so cosy and soft-looking.

  6. I love sweaters, especially neutral browns!

  7. Yes! It's time to wear sweaters. Let's enjoy days in autumn.


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