Monday, September 16, 2019

A ship in the desert!

Some of you have asked where we are off to next.
I promised to share our upcoming trip so will do so now as time is getting short.
Leaving in early October for exotic places, some old and some new.

This will be another expedition on the Noble Caledonia ship, MS Hebridean Sky.
We were on this same ship last year when we traveled to Patagonia and the 
Chilean Fjords. Passengers usually number around 120 on these smaller
 expedition ships. Again, we'll be with our California friends, meeting up
 with them in London for the flight to Lisbon where the ship will be waiting.

Our itinerary will take us to Portugal, Spain, Morocco, Western Sahara
 the Cape Verde Islands, and then back to London.

Imperial City of Taroudant, Morocco - past capital of the Saadian dynasty

This trip will include adventures in the Western Sahara desert, one of the least
 populated regions of the world.

What on earth does one wear to tea time in the desert?
Shall I be practical in linen pants and breezy tunic top, or throw caution to the
 desert winds and wear the zebra print kaftan? 
Must throw in a broad-brimmed sun hat, sunglasses and sunscreen for certain.
A long, silky scarf perhaps, just in case there's a sandstorm brewing and I 
need to wind it around my head!

Laayoune Desert, Western Sahara

Afternoon tea in the desert with a nomadic tribe actually is part of the expedition
(and how I wish my very special 'tea friend' Marilyn in Portland, Oregon could be
 with me to enjoy that). 
Riding to the top of the sand dunes in 4X4 vehicles is also on the itinerary. . .
that long scarf may be required there.

MS Hebridean Sky

Photos via Noble Caledonia

I need help with packing for the Sahara Desert if you've ever been there - or at 
least some suggestions if you want to humor me. . . . . .please!


  1. What fun! I hope you will be blogging along the way, but if not, I look forward to you photos to come. Enjoy your day!

    1. I will blog if I have Internet - it's often not good (and very expensive) shipboard - however I'll be taking photos to share later of course!

  2. Replies
    1. Yes it really does - and much different from the Arizona dessert of last year (really to visit family) where we ended up in a border bar sipping cheap wine, haha!

  3. It will be a great adventure with lots of interest for you both. We travelled from Marrakech up and over the Atlas Mountains and then through ancient Berber villages, and finally ended up in the Sahara too. We didn't have afternoon tea but we did have a lovely lunch in a nomadic Berber tent seated on large fat cushions. I have no idea what I wore as I can't remember, it is so long ago. But you will look lovely in whatever you wear - you always look just right.

    1. . . . . . seated on large fat cushions is what I'm hoping for too!
      Thanks for your kind comment dear friend. I was almost certain you and J had been in that area - I'm looking forward to this trip, it sounds exciting.

  4. Oh, Mary, this trip sounds magnificant. I can just see you enjoying each and every activity, and no doubt you will be wearing the perfect attire. We visited Marrakesh some years ago. I so wanted to take an overnight excursion out into the Sahara, but couldn't get anyone in our group to commit. So I will look forward to reading your account. Tea in the dessert sounds fascinating! Safe journey, dear friend.

    1. Thank you for good wishes. We will also be in Casablanca and go in search of Rick's Place - the recreation! The Hollywood version for the movie was actually just a movie set, not a real place! We love the classic movie and watched it again recently.

  5. Just reading here is an adventure for me...where else would I find myself thinking about what you should wear in the desert? Personally, I think your suggested outfits sound terrific. Alas, I am no help with further suggestions.

    1. Vee, hoping I'll get some good photos later to share with you - I know you'll be interested!

  6. What a wonderful adventure to anticipate. Our daughter and husband visited Morocco and did a short desert expedition and absolutely loved it. It all sounds marvelously exciting - you are my travel heroine!

    1. Lorrie, I've never had a fun title like this bestowed on me - you are so sweet! I think it will be interesting - but will the tea have sand in it?

  7. Enjoy it. I am sure it will be a lovely adventure. I've never been to the Sahara. It usually comes to us in the shape of a hot, dusty wind.

    1. Yes, I know the sand is going to be in every breath of wind in the desert - bet I'll need that scarf!!!!

  8. This is definitely a trip I would love, love, love! All of it and the tea too. Hoping next year to have tea in the desert of Jordan.

    1. You are going to Jordan? How fabulous - I've not been there.
      I'm going to be interested in the type of tea being served in the desert - wish you could join us as you are the expert dear Marilyn!

    2. Dear Mary,
      I have just returned from Italy where I have noticed a new fashion trend. The local women are wearing long and beautiful dresses of what looks like breezy silks in colorful prints and solids, also solid whites. With the dresses they are wearing oversized flat Panama hats and Ballerina Flats.
      The tourists have not caught up, as yet. I think that we will see this fashion trend come to America. It is just too beautiful.
      The look, I think, might be perfect for your next trip, which by the way, sounds fabulous.

  9. This trip sounds fabulous! I have no idea what to wear in the dessert but I do know that when I was in Morocco the people were wearing long, silk (and of course other fabrics) for lack of a better word dresses, I actually purchased a few and I love them, they have hoods but they are very comfortable in the hot weather. My favorite tea in the world, Moroccan mint tea, I love the beverage, the way they make it and everything about it. Fresh mint, sugar and tea. Yum


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