Saturday, April 11, 2020

Easter Decor - House finch update -

 Welcome to Easter at the cottage.

I almost didn't crawl through the attic to where they were hiding!
But then I thought, no, nothing should stop the little pleasantries of 
life when it comes to such a special holiday on the Christian calendar.
Don't we need to keep going, celebrate something in these dark hours,
take pleasure in springtime and the arrival of Easter?

The rabbits were waiting patiently, wrapped in crinkled tissue paper to
protect their beautiful ears, carefully tucked into box under the eaves.
Two little families, both cute, and happy to be free for a couple of weeks!
They bring a smile to my face. . . . . and to you I hope.

Outdoors we're in full pollen season now - and this year it's so heavy, 
especially from the oak trees. Everything has taken on a yellowish hue. . . . . . 

. . . . . and Mama finch is still sitting on her three eggs! 
Rather late hatching. 
Hopefully some time this weekend we'll have baby birds and more
 activity at the front porch nest when the dad helps with feeding.

No Easter egg hunts around here this year! Not much Easter candy
 either - bunnies prefer lettuce, don't they?

So, our Easter will be quiet, just as most days are right now.
Today will be great weather to be in the garden and perhaps 
supper in the gazebo.

Looking back at this collage from another year I'm glad I decided
 to do some decorating this year also. . . . . . . . .it would have left 
a big empty hole on my blog!

How about you, did you decorate? 
Even just a little decoration is cheery I assure you.
Enjoy your Easter weekend, stay safe, and blessings to all.


  1. Dear Mary and dear Bob,

    I love all of your charming Easter decorations. That rabbit family is absolutely charming. And then those speckled Easter eggs are very special.
    Yes I also decorated for Easter. A bouquet of daffodils and Narcissus and of course, a few hand painted Easter Eggs. Some of them so old, they came from a market in Hungary so long ago. Happy Easter dear friends.

  2. Happy Easter Mary and Bob. It was very uplifting to see your beautiful dining room decorated for the season.
    I especially loved the bunny on wheels. So cute.
    You are ahead of us in spring weather and your birds are so lovely to see.
    I am going to take a walk on our property today and check all the birdhouses for activity. I'm hoping to see some nest building.
    Enjoy your weekend and be sure to open a few of those chocolate eggs. :-)

  3. Happy Easter Mary. I usually don't decorate for Easter. We have heavy pollen here too. Yesterday it was really windy and Sunday we are suppose to have heavy rain so I hope between the wind and rain, most of the pollen will get knocked down.

  4. I'm all for encouraging rabbits to grow their own lettuce rather than steal it from people's gardens. Happy Easter to you.

  5. Oh I am glad that you did because your Easter things are wonderful and take great pictures. I did decorate. I even purchased a new Easter bunny back in February. Still, it is a very different year...

  6. I haven't decorated Mary. I have just filled a vase with flowers which is very cheering. I love your bunnies!
    May you both have a quiet and peaceful Easter.

  7. Dear Mary, your bunnies are absolutely beautiful and I enjoy so much seeing them decorating your home. Your lettuce bowl is gorgeous, and I hope Mother Finch hatches her eggs for Easter. Happy Easter Mary, to you and Bob. xxx

  8. What a delightful post, Mary! I'm glad to see my blogger friends are keeping the tradition of decorating their homes for Easter. Even if it's just for themselves and those they are quarantined with, I think it shows a fortitude and some sort of normalcy that we all crave during this time. And since I can't decorate just yet, it's a blessing to see all your pretty decorations. Thank you, my friend. Hugs, Nancy

  9. Happy Easter, dear Mary!
    The eggs in beautiful natural pastels are my favourites of your deco; are they real?

  10. Happy Easter dear Mary and Bob!
    Your Easter decorating is amazing - you never disappoint!
    Those china rabbits are exquisite - I wish we could get them here!
    You are an inspiration to us all - I didn’t decorate the house and now I wish I had!
    Of course this year has been a non event here for the little shops who usually have very tempting Easter displays!
    The poor shopkeepers, I do hope they can survive the lockdown. We must all rally round and support them once they re-open their doors!
    I wonder if Mrs Finch has baby birds in her nest yet?!
    Take care xxx


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