Thursday, April 9, 2020

'Trumpets' and strawberries!

After some thunderstorms last night and an early morning shower, 
the sun is out, shining brightly into the east facing upstairs bedroom. 
Another 80F day ahead but no garden watering required.

Yesterday I almost fell over when I checked the arbor and
 noticed such a mass of blooms on the trumpet vine - the best I can recall
in the years of growing, being cut down, and climbing up again! Maybe it was
due to the very mild winter weather.

Bob at work in the garden, plenty to keep him busy.
Note we also have fairy lights on the arbor - it's very bright 
and cheery in the evenings.
  Yesterday we also heard there were fabulous local strawberries for sale at a
 roadside stand nearby. Bob gathered his mask and car keys and took a
 quick ride - his first time out in a week - to get some.
There can be no 'PICK YOUR OWN' customers in the berry patch this spring due
 to the virus isolation rules, so this farmer is bringing them to us. He expects to 
have berries for at least two months so I know we'll be back often.
Yes,  I'm washing them well!
These have to be the best tasting strawberries ever, and I like that the
 basket held assorted sizes.

Don't forget, Bob will be pulling the winner's name from his hat on Monday!
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Hope you join in. 


  1. I messed up my google my last comment is showing up under my old blog. Anyway, your arbor looks beautiful and the strawberries look so good!

  2. Oh those strawbwrries! And what an amazing arbour.

  3. I've not had any strawberries since last summer. Over here, they are not ready yet - and there is a shortage of workers to pick them, same as asparagus; it's been mostly workers from Poland and Romania for decades now, and they are not allowed to travel this year...
    After everything we know (so far) about coronavirus, it is not spread via food. But of course you would wash the berries thoroughly anyway, as you'd do with any fruit.

    1. PS: I forgot to say how absolutely beautiful your trumpet vine is! All of your garden, really.

  4. Wow, your trumpet vine is absolutely gorgeous. I can imagine it is spectacular with the fairy lights shining on it too. Knowing that it is about time for the local strawberries I've been wondering how they will handle that. Gosh they look delicious and I know they smell wonderful too. Enjoy!

  5. It is back to being so cold here again, that I had to wear my winter jacket and scarf when I went out.

    Your trumpet vine is amazing! And those fresh Those won't be ready here for at least two more months. Enjoy every bite!

  6. That trumpet vine is glorious! So glad that you folks have plenty to do to keep you busy. Here I am in the middle of a snowstorm twiddling my thumbs and drinking tea.

  7. Love your orange trumpet flowers - my nearest neighbours used to have the same plant rambling up the side of their house, but for some strange reason cut it down. I could never understand why.
    Freshly picked strawberries - yum - what a great treat for Easter. Perfect Easter weather here, but people are being warned not to flock to the countryside or the beaches as they will be prosecuted.

  8. I was scanning down through your post, reading as I went..and then there was the last picture. Oh My Gosh.. those berries in that container.. it ought to be in a magazine.

  9. Wow, is that trumpet vine impressive, so lovely. Here it has been raining constantly for over a week now so not much work is going on in my garden, I look forward to nice sunny weather next week and getting a lot done. The strawberries look yummy.

  10. You are having lovely Spring weather Mary: your trumpet vine is a total triumph! And it is always a treat to see a glimpse of your French Provincial furniture. We love strawberries, but never get them fresh from the farm. They will be delicious, and so festive for Easter. xx

  11. A real blast of colour from those trumpets! I don't know if I'll be able to get my usual fill of strawberries this year but I hope so!

  12. Oh Mary .... everything looks so pretty and so colourful .... and I’ll bet those strawberries tasted divine. I love your arbour .... similar to mine but mine is rusty iron !!! XXXX

  13. How lovely! My son’s rental house has a Bradford Pear among others he is enjoying. Stay well ....

  14. Your trumpet vine is a stunning sight, Mary. Fresh, local strawberries are a couple of months away here, but well worth waiting for. Do enjoy those sweet fruits this weekend!

  15. I am totally impressed by your trumpet vine. I think in all the years we have lived here only once did it give a blossom. Ohhhhhh! those strawberries look soooooo good. What a treat! I love fresh strawberries. I got a large store container of them when I went on Tuesday, but they just aren't as good as locally grown. It will be another month before there are locally grown strawberries here. We are actually having 70 degree days right now, which rather unusual this early in spring for us. We aren't complaining.

  16. Dear Mary,
    Great picture of Bob. All of your hard work is paying off. What a spectacular trumpet vine. Were those strawberries as delicious to eat as they were beautiful in that charming basket.

  17. Hello dear Mary
    As we move into Autumn it’s comforting to know that the Northern Hemisphere is warming up!
    Your trumpet vine heralds the arrival of Spring with a riot of colour!
    Quite the opposite down under as I’m cutting back and readying my garden for the dormant months of Winter!
    However, my very old Iceberg roses are giving me a much appreciated late flowering, (note to self - take some photos)!
    The first taste of strawberries is like no other - bursting with flavour. Are these early Mary as I wouldn’t expect ours until November!
    Enjoy these early Spring days and stay safe in your bubble!😘


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