Thursday, April 2, 2020

No chicken - but plenty of eggs!

I recently discovered, just a few minutes drive from my home, a beautiful garden
 where the homeowners raise chickens for eggs. They are now selling pretty colored
 eggs as 'the girls' are quite prolific at this time of year.
Brian is a charming local high school music director, his wife a former professional
 ballerina, and they have a baby. . . . . . and this beautiful array of stylish chickens!

The yellow chicken house is cute and I had a fleeting thought I would like one in my
 back garden where I could raise my own girls and gather fresh eggs - Bob was not in
So each week Brian has a dozen or more eggs for me - and now we leave the
 money on his car in the driveway and he puts the eggs there for pickup.

Photos 'borrowed' from Brian.

Aren't the chickens fun to see. . . . . . . .  

. . . . . . and their eggs are so tasty!

Being a non-meat eater I do use a lot of eggs, both in main dishes,
and of course baking.  

Do you raise chickens?
Have you ever considered this rewarding hobby?
Do you have a neighbor nearby who has chickens?
Do you try to buy cage-free and organic eggs?
Are you aware of how some chickens are raised in atrocious
 conditions for the commercial market, which is just heartbreaking?

Tomorrow I'll bake more muffins to share with the neighbors, and a
 mushroom and spinach quiche for supper - thankfully I have great eggs
 from happy chickens for both!

Stay well and eat healthy dear friends.


  1. Those are beautiful eggs, and lovely chickens. I've toyed with the idea of chickens, but that's as far as it goes. Our daughter in Vancouver had 4 chickens - they went to a retirement home a few months ago when she was busy with the new baby, but she is looking for more now.

  2. What beautiful coloured shells. I have always fancied the idea of keeping hens, but it has not been possible. However there is a lovely free range farm around the corner from our bungalow, and it is a joy to rise down on my bicycle and collect my eggs.

  3. Lovely to have fresh eggs, especially if you know where they come from and can be almost on first-name terms with the chickens :-)
    The different colours are beautiful, and I can just imagine these taste really good.
    I always only buy organic eggs. Cage keeping has thankfully been forbidden for some years now in Germany, but of course we don't know where the eggs are from in processed goods such as ready-bought cakes, noodles and other food.
    Living in a flat on the middle floor of a three-story house, it is of course out of the question to have my own chickens. And even if I had the space, I wouldn't know where to take the time to look after them, as I still work full time (even though right now I am working exclusively from home).
    Your spinach quiche sounds wonderful; I have two packs of fresh baby spinach leaves in my fridge and am planning to make something nice for us this weekend.

  4. Oh what beautiful chickens, and pretty eggs. Fresh eggs make for beautiful baking. We don't have chickens now, but we both grew up in households with fresh eggs from the chicken run in our back gardens. Don't those brown hens look adorable sitting in the garden? x

  5. What beautiful eggs...too pretty to eat!

  6. Lucky, lucky you - what could be better, and they look really beautiful too.
    As long as you have plenty of eggs you can make so many different dishesX

  7. Great eggs from happy chickens is the way to go, Mary. Your neighbour's ladies are adorable and such fun photos. I would love to raise chickens here and have thought of it often. We get ours from our feathered friends across our road, for now. There is nothing like eggs from properly-raised chickens. xo

  8. Dear Mary,
    Bob is right. Chickens are a lot of work. I'm grateful for every chicken owner who will keep chickens and share their eggs. When we had little visitors they always wanted to "collect eggs". Mr G used to hurry to the refrigerator if we had collected them earlier. No one ever noticed that the eggs should have been warm.

  9. Wonderful that you have an excellent source for fresh eggs. There’s nothing better. I used to have such a source; then my niece moved away and took the chickens with her. No, heavens no, I have never considered raising chickens.

  10. We do buy organic cage free eggs. I would love to have chickens but Kent is like Bob!

  11. I have no desire to raise my own chickens, as I simply don't like them...I'm kind of afraid of them! And they require a LOT of upkeep. We are lucky that we live in a small town with a lot of farmland, so we have several farm stands nearby where we can buy eggs in season. During the winter when I buy eggs in the grocery store, I do indeed buy organic, cage-free. Even that sometimes bothers me though, because cage-free doesn't mean the chickens have a lot of room to roam around. They usually are still overly-crowded in massive barns.

    I am off to make muffins now! ;-)

  12. I try to buy eggs from free range chickens, whenever possible. Their yolk is such a rich shade of gold, it's almost orange.

  13. Wonderful eggs and great chickens - they are so interesting. We had chickens when the kids were in grade school - we rented a farm house and there was a nice chicken coup in the yard - this was in the late 70s, in Kansas. Those crazy chickens were trouble when storms came up - they would scatter to the far reaches of the farm and we had a terrible time getting them into their coup so they wouldn't blow away in the storm. Our kids sold the extra eggs for spending money.

  14. We were getting eggs from our daughter, but then they stopped laying. Now they are gone, so no more eggs. What a treat to get home grown eggs.


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