Friday, April 17, 2020

Puttering and pottering about -

My little place of peace and happiness was constructed in the back garden.  
Nothing fancy, now almost twenty years old but still standing strong and sturdy. 
It has electricity to run a heater or fan, but not water. A gathering place for everything 
garden-related. . . . . . .plus anything waiting to be rehoused, sold on, given away, 
taken to the thrift shop, thrown away etc. I probably should re-paint the exterior
 but can't bring myself to cut down the climbing akebia and ivy!  
The floor I painted and stenciled long ago with blackberry vines is fading. . . . . but 
is still visible enough to allow me to recall all those hours on my knees - I could 
never do that now!

This window was so dirty - now I can even see my neighbor's camellias still budding.

On a sunny, cooler day this week I spent about four hours out here.
There was not a lot to throw out, it was mostly taking items into the kitchen to
 wash, vacuuming every surface, and reorganizing storage space.
 Many of the china pots, birds, lanterns, bowls of shells etc. will be moved 
outside to the baker's rack and table on the back deck, or into the gazebo, 
now that the pollen season is just about over.
The gazebo is my other 'home' where I can enjoy the garden views,
the birds at the feeders, an afternoon cup of tea, an early evening aperitif,
supper as the sun falls silently in the west behind my chair, and now the 
weather is warming - even writing my posts and reading yours.

Bluebird nest box and akebia vine on the potting shed wall.

We haven't been shopping in over a week but need to make a
quick run tomorrow morning for salad greens, veggies, milk etc.
We will pick up a dozen fresh eggs pre-ordered from our local 
Farmers' Market which reopens tomorrow for the season.
Strict social distancing and loads of rules in place.
Then we'll head back to the nearby roadside strawberry stall
for more of those delicious berries - strawberry shortcakes 
have been a real treat on several evenings.

Good wishes for your weekend.
Doesn't every day feel like a weekend day now?
Some changes will soon be coming in places with lesser
known cases of COVID-19 - unfortunately not here though.
I'm expecting things to continue as they are for a while longer -
'rather safe than sorry' might be the way to go.

Stay well, be strong dear friends.


  1. That is a delightful space! I really enjoyed seeing it.

  2. I have a shed like that Mary. i daren't go in as there is so much I should do to tidy it.

  3. A very chic shed. Mine is more the functional kind, but by co-incidence I've been tidying my shed too this week. Anybody want some empty paint tins?

  4. I would love to hang out in your charming shed, Mary. Heck, I'd even help with the tidying. The flowers on the akebia vine are really pretty.

  5. You are so lucky to have such a nice potting shed. We don't have a shed on our property; just a two-car garage where we keep all our gardening items. In fact, our garage is getting quite unruly, so a good clean-out is needed as the weather gets a bit warmer. I've never seen akebia vine - wow, that is beautiful.

    Weekend? Every day is a weekend now. ;-) In fact, all day today I thought it was Saturday!

  6. What a charming shed, Mary. Cleaning up my potting bench is on the list for this weekend, I think. Our Island has had a very light run in with the virus so far, just 94 cases and 3 deaths, with the median age for death at 87. Still a tragedy, but it makes me wonder what will happen when we stop social distance practices.

  7. Lovely pictures, as everything is lovely about your house and garden, dear Mary!
    I wish every day would feel like weekend - it certainly does not for me. Work has been very busy again this week, and I am truly glad the weekend is here now. Time to give the flat its customary weekly cleaning, empty the dustbins, changing the bed sheets and so on.

  8. Dear Mary,
    That was a lot of work. The hardest part about tackling that kind of job is getting started. I love the vines and plants you are growing all the way around the shed. Very charming.

  9. Love your garden shed. I spied some garden twine that I am in need of! My New Dawn rose needs to be tied to the split rail fence. Sadly I ran out of it and dare not got to Lowe's. I will have to use my kitchen twine in it's place for now. xo

  10. What a charming spot, very nice and so beautifully situated. It is lovely.

  11. Yes, better sure than sorry seems to be the discussion here in Australia too just now. What a pretty garden shed, and a treasure trove inside. Don't think I would not take your angel, wall ducks, and green bird given half a chance :)
    Well done for having a good clean out - so many people are Spring cleaning these days. It really does feel like the world is taking a bit of a holiday at times.

  12. Hi, Mary! Popping in to say hello and stay safe and well. You little garden shed looks well used, as it should. I've dreamed of having one, but no good spot. Instead, I have a bench in the garage. It's not large, but holds my tools and buckets and garden boots. I love peeking into your space. Happy Sunday, dear one!
    I was thinking of you as i used my tea cozy you brought me from the UK and also the pretty set of folks. Sweet reminders of earlier times in our friendship. So happy to have met you all those years ago.

  13. What a pretty little shed. If I had one I would use it as my little office. But it would be a pretty office all done up in my favourite bright colours like turquoise and fuchsia.

  14. That is such a wonderful shed. I do hope some day to build one similar. Take care. Kathi

  15. Hello Mary, I just opened my laptop, found you had visited. Glad to see you are both well and that you are still travelling and discovering more places, what amazing places you get to see. we are staying safe in my small village, just venture out when we need food. I go out for walks but it feels very strange, very quiet here, little traffic, social distancing. I love your pretty garden room, i sit outside a lot on front steps in our garden, listening to the birds and enjoy watching everything growing, thankfully sunny days here but still a nip in the air. keeping busy and being very thankful and very lucky living here. drawing and being creative, listening to audio books. followed your link to VOCES8. keep safe and well. eileenx

  16. For the most part staying put at home, except for a trip to the market every two weeks now and short walks in the neighborhood. Yes, best to be safe than sorry for sure.
    Love your shed. It looks like it is indeed multi-purpose.
    Akebia vine is beautiful. We have one on our fence and rather gets lost behind other things. I sort of have to go looking for it once in the while as it is beautiful to see, especially now that it is blooming.

  17. Your garden shed is perfect. I love a weathered look. And definitely wouldn't have the heart to cut back any thriving vines. Ramadan will be starting this weekend and the government has decided to extend curfew hours because of it, plus all ministry offices will be closed for another month. I hope that by the time June rolls around, we might be able to venture out more. Take care.

  18. Oh Mary ..... I would love to get my hands on some of the things you have in your charming little shed 🤣😂 ...... you have some gorgeous things in there !!!!
    I am so grateful to have a garden in these trying time’s ( and to like gardening ) It is keeping us occupied. Your garden room has an English feel to it ..... it shows you can’t take the English out of an English girl !!!! Take care . XXXX


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