Thursday, April 23, 2020

Go with the flow -

Thanks to all who checked in at my previous post regarding the sizing of posted
 photos.  It seems the majority enjoy the larger format showing clearer details.
As I do often used PicMonkey for editing photos I can change to almost any size.
For those who do prefer smaller, please remember you can always click on a
 photo in the post and have them all appear for viewing in a line at the bottom of 
another screen - there they are in a smaller format. Sometimes though it may just
 be the size screen you're viewing on. I do all my blogging on a MacBook Air 13" 
laptop - when I view my photos on Bob's larger desktop iMac they are bigger still!

Here again are the two sizes of same photo so you can see the difference clearly.
Sometimes I'll use the larger, other times smaller, all depending on the type of photo.
e.g. - larger for flowers, smaller for my face with wrinkles, haha!!!!!!!!

Kitchen Window flowers for today - the Knockout rose clambering around the
 birdhouse below.

All photos via iPhone 11 Pro

Light rain today so no garden chores planned. 
Did a little online ordering this morning, nothing ridiculous, just a
 leather case for the new phone and a few books as I can't
 get to a bookshop for a while.

Cabin fever yet?
Cooking up a storm?
Eating too much?
Walking up and down your stairs for exercise?

Hang in there dear friends. . . . . blue skies ahead.


  1. In a strange way, I am getting used to the social distancing measures. But it's because I'm not allowing myself to think of 'normal' life too much.

  2. Beautiful photos. Remember when you visited my little town Saluda? Remember the tiny old fashioned grocery store (the oldest grocery in NC)? That is where I am doing my grocery shopping now. No crowds, no lines and I can order by phone or email for curbside pickup without staying up til midnight trying to get a time slot at Harris Teeter etc.

  3. I think I'm getting used to the social distancing like Loree. We've found that new normal that works for us. Being able to get outside and work in the garden really helps me with cabin fever. And I help my mother-in-law once a week in her garden. She sells at the local farmer's market which opens on May 2nd. I am really looking forward to helping her there as much as I can.

  4. I'm getting a bit bored with staying home all the time and not seeing the people I love. But I know that this is a long haul, not a short sprint. Tomorrow I am going out to get groceries - such an exciting outing! Your knockout roses are gorgeous! I ordered some books online, too. Delivery is taking longer than normal because so many people are ordering items.

  5. None of the above here - no cabin fever etc., I mean. I still work, still do my own food shopping, still go for walks or runs after work, still can't be bothered to really cook for just myself, and am not eating more than usual.
    Love the view from your window, and would LOVE some of that rain!

  6. I seem to be quite happy with the present arrangements, though of course one can always upset oneself by thinking how wonderful it would be to be doing something else if one chooses to. I've noticed that cleaning the house and similar chores become much more interesting pastimes when there's nothing much else to do. Pictures of beautiful gardens and flowers also help a great deal.

  7. We are settled into the new routine, and normal life is beginning to seem so far away! Love your garden photos, and we keep pottering about in our garden each day. Cooking is certainly a temptation, and we have to watch our weight very carefully. To distract myself, I am sewing a garment each week (not necessarily for myself), painting, doing all the extra housework that seems to accumulate when two people stay home all the time, and of course phone calls and all their modern variants. Perhaps cabin fever is around the corner, as I am missing concerts and coffee with friends! xx

  8. I love the faces of single roses. Is it called Knockout?


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