Wednesday, April 22, 2020

This one or that one?

This post may annoy you. . . . . . . . . because I'm posting very large photos!
I know some people have a lengthy wait to download photos depending on
 their Internet/WIFI capabilities etc., and that must be really tiresome. 
Personally I've no problem downloading content (we have Google Fiber WIFI)
 and I do love seeing the large detailed photos which several of you post.
 If you use a smartphone or tablet instead of a larger computer screen, 
it may be hard to view really large photos.  

So this is an experiment of sorts because I have a new iPhone11 Pro and went wild
 with it in the garden the past couple of days!  I have to say the new triple-camera on 
this phone is awesome (includes a telephoto lens) but more than an extra lens it also 
precisely calibrates white balance and exposure.  I'm no techie but do now feel I 
could probably even travel with just this iPhone and leave my camera at home! 
Of course travel is only a dream right now so forgive me if I start to bore you silly
 with so many photos taken in the garden!

So I've added a few photos both in X-Large and Original display which
 gives you a general idea as to the difference.

 Which is better, this one. . . . . . . . . . .

......or this one?
(Kinda like when you go to the eye doctor for a check up!)

I'm going to try some dahlias this summer, picked these up at COSTCO - love them
 but haven't grown them since a child in England - my mother grew 'dinner plate' 
ones and they were fabulous.

Morning Glory seedlings - will be trained to climb up the porch later.

 The garden surprise of the week - my two salmon colored Amaryllis from
 Winter 2018, have decided to come back to life after being planted out over a
 year ago!  I told you gardening takes a lot of patience.

Climbing rose on the back fence.

Basil seedlings sharing a pot of petunias and ornamental ivy planted two weeks ago.

One and only native rhododendron blooming in back garden.

 Peony buds looking healthy with plenty of necessary ants helping them to eventually
opening those beautiful petals.

Trumpet vine almost over but clematis and roses have arrived.

So will you please let me know which size photos you like best of the
 two formats - X-Large (which is the smaller) or Original (the larger).

We've had a few crazy days, first with TV problems! Then getting out to shop for food, 
and pick up the phone at COSTCO in a horrendous soaking rain. When we got home
and I had spent two hours transferring my data (no easy task for moi) to my new 
phone and started to transfer Bob's phone to my old phone, I noticed I had the wrong
 new phone, and had to go back to exchange the next day (all that took several 
hours wearing humid masks in COSTCO (I don't like the tropics and I thought I 
would faint if I got much warmer!). . . . . . and was told off for "idling" (just sitting
 for a few minutes) on the garden furniture display near the Verizon kiosk
 because my legs ached!

Today is much better - watered my seeds, pruned climbing roses that are climbing 
into my hydrangeas, playing with the camera photos. Now off to make potato leek soup, 
and salmon with fresh skinny asparagus because my skinny days are becoming chubby
 I fear with not enough exercise. . . . . . .and eating too much home-baked bread!!!!!

What will the 'new world' be like? 
Are you wondering?
Are you nervous?
Which size photos do you prefer please?


  1. I don't have problems with large photos and I tend to prefer them as I'm able to see more details. Your pretty garden reminds me I need to spend more time in life as it's still looking terrible. I haven't really had the heart to do much of anything this year.

  2. Love the larger photos. So you went with the Pro! How fun.

  3. Mary, how lovely your garden is, way ahead of ours here. You have so many beautiful corners of colour.
    I prefer the smaller photos.

  4. Lovely photos. The larger photos certainly give you a close up in details. But I prefer the smaller so that I can see the whole picture in one screen, otherwise I have to scroll up and down to see it from top to bottom. I didn't mind seeing both sizes in one post.

  5. I prefer the larger photos. You certainly are far ahead in your growing season that we are in western Pennsylvania. I just had to cover four peony bushes to protect them from below freezing temperatures. If I neglect them, I won't get to enjoy them this year. Your photos of your plantings were a lovely distraction in these dismal days. I do seem to feel some anxiety and confusion about what the new normal might be. I fear that most small businesses will not survive. I'm trying to buy from the ones that can be opened but many others are under orders to be closed. Today I ventured out for some needed items and felt like an alien or a refuge in my own neighborhood. Not a very good feeling. I am grateful for not having to work, that I have enough retirement income to pay all my living expenses to maintain a safe and comfortable home. My significant other and I have learned how to "domestic distance" when the house seems to be getting smaller. So patience, prayers and new approaches to the business of living fill our days until better days come.

  6. Always love large photos! That's a beautiful sky.

  7. Oh Mary, those new larger photos are absolutely fantastic in their clarity. We are due for new phones too, so I am looking forward to a better camera too. I have not seen dahlias growing for many years - look forward to seeing yours! Few people around here grow flowers because the climate is harsh, but that only spurs me on to grow what I can, where I can. Love your garden, any time :0 xx

  8. I prefer the larger photos. I rarely look at blogs on my phone. Your garden is full of delights these days, and your new phone takes beautiful photos, but your eye is what really makes a photo stand out!

  9. I have to tell O.K. about your new iphone and show him your pictures - he is a fan of all things apple, and refers to "watching porn" when he looks up new iphones, ipads, and other apple products :-D
    When I click on your pictures, the two sizes of each look exactly the same, so I have no preference.
    How unpleasant to be told off for "idling" when all you needed was a brief rest! You were not endangering anyone or taking up anyone's precious space, were you.
    I wish we could have some of that rain!

  10. The X-Large look fine on this lap top. I'm very fond of flowers and gardens but can't visit the Botanic Garden in Cambridge at the moment so your pictures provide a glorious substitute.

  11. Definite the larger photos for me Mary. You have reminded me that I need to plant some morning glory seedlings now too.
    This area of the SW is the lowest region for the virus in the whole country, and I don't really understand just why that is as we have several big cities Gloucester, Cheltenham, Bath and Bristol.
    Just as we were about to retire last night, the news mentioned something about the lockdown lasting until the end of the year. I didn't want to hear it, so switched the news off, not sure now what that was all about.

  12. My favorite picture is of the morning glory seedlings! <3

  13. The bigger the better ... these are spectacular!

  14. First Mary, the photos. I like the larger ones the best but I am on a laptop. I don't read blogs on my phone (and don't have a tablet). I take all my photos on my phone too. I have a Samsung Galaxy S9+.

    Secondly, yes I'm a little nervous and scared. I read an article this morning by a famous economist who fears we are headed for another Depression. That he thinks the unemployment rate may go up to 30%.

    Your experience at Costco with both the mask and getting "told off" (grr) were one of the reasons I hate to go into any stores anymore. I hate wearing a mask because I can't breathe and it fogs up my glasses. And just everyone walking around in masks where you can't smile at anyone etc just unnerves me. I haven't been in any stores in a couple of weeks, but this afternoon I might have to run and get some groceries. I'm dreading it.


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