Monday, April 27, 2020

Sail on silver girl. . . . . . .

Good Monday morning.

With hot weather returning soon, I worked on my wardrobe this
 past weekend - time consuming and often frustrating.
We all have too much clothing, don't we?
I plan to do a post soon on things I'm learning about the way we are
 overwhelmed by our clothes. At this time of huge lifestyle changes
 we are becoming more aware of what we buy - and of what we bought 
in the past - which may be cluttering up not only our closets but our
 entire lives. It's usually so much more than what we need - plus how
 we dispose of our clothing is a whole other story. The cold hard facts 
are quite disturbing and have definitely made me realize I need to
 address this issue, and the best time is now with no travel/packing
 to go any time soon!

Travel memories!

No this is not me of course!  But I love this young woman's
 expression. . . . and her hair. It's probably blonde but I see
 it as silver grey!
I want to grow in my grey, yes I really do. But what a long process
it will be. Now would be the time to give up on color, I already have
 about an inch of grey as salon visits are now a thing of the past.
I've stopped blow drying, straightening - instead allow my hair just
to dry naturally and find I now have 'beachy waves' when helped
with a little scrunching whilst damp. My bangs have grown out a
lot and can be swept to the side. I know it's easy right now as I 
don't go far from the house, and with no travel there's no need to
 look polished and perfect!
 Will I continue to reach for the silver when life returns to normal?
Time will tell. Patience is not my strong point at times!

Anyone else giving up on hair color with plans to go natural?
I need support, and any tips are welcomed, thanks. 

“Sail on, silver girl. Sail on by…...
Your time has come to shine; 
all your dreams are on their way.”
 – Simon and Garfunkel


  1. I had my highlights done just before lockdown and a couple of inches cut off but, that was five weeks ago ! It looks fine at the moment ..... highlights don’t show as much as they grow out .... not like full colour. There is nothing we can do but to go with the flow. It will probably do our hair good Mary. XXXX

  2. Dear Mary, I have grown at least an inch of grey/white, too... For a few days, I thought that I should use this occasion to finally stop the colouring, but somehow I can not bring myself to really leave it like that. I am "only" 52...
    I bought a roots touch-up kit which takes only about 10 minutes to do the job, and even for me with bad eye sight it was easy enough to use. The result may not look as expertly done as what my hairdresser usually does, but it is good enough for me - for now.
    Arranging an appointment with my hairdresser will be one of the first things I do when they are allowed to reopen!

  3. Well, you know I gave up coloring my hair years ago....I am a very low maintenance gal. I rarely wear make up. Only own one dress. I am more of a tee shirt and jeans type.

  4. I think you would look very chic with silver hair, Mary.

  5. Mary, I grew my color out a few times in the last 15 years. I grew it out to see just how grey I was and if I might like it grey. I know, duh! I didn't mind that much but after seeing a few photos of myself, I decided it did age me too much at that time. So I went to having a new base color with highlights. After several years of this, I decided to eliminate the base coloring and just have highlights, mostly in the front. My stylist was a huge help during these changes. I trust her. My hair is mostly white in the front at this age with ash brown and grey in the back. She blends in the palest of wheat blond highlights now. My highlights can grow out quite a bit without having a dreaded line of demarcation. My younger and natural hair had been a medium brown. There is no way pretty way to grow it out if you are mostly grey and have been coloring darker. Going shorter helps some and have a consult with a trusted stylist is a plus. It actually wasn't that bad of a transition. Your stylist can steer you the best. There is always the option of just going cold turkey.

  6. I hear you about our cluttered closets and drawers that won't close. I am guilty too and have been trying to make positive changes for the past year. Trying to stay away from man-made fibres in favour of naturals like linen, cotton and so on.

  7. I have never had my hair professional coloured, but I certainly never expected that my hair would be the colour that it is today. My mother died when she was 62 years old so I never really knew what colour she would be left to nature, and my father had steel grey hair, not your lovely silver shade Mary, so I thought that mine might be the same as his, but it isn't.
    Only you can really decide, but I think that you will look lovely with whatever you choose to do.

  8. My elder sister (70 in July) has never colored her hair! She has directed me to good shampoos, etc. so I have avoided "brassy". An asymmetrical cut is this curly mop is my favorite look ever. All the women I admire most, have let nature have her way.

  9. I grew my grey out a couple of years ago and am so glad I did, especially now! You will look very polished no matter what kind of hair colour you have. You carry yourself with elegance.
    On Saturday I did the big seasonal closet switch up, moving my winter things out and my summer things in. I laundered all the clothing and put the cashmere in ziploc bags in the freezer. There are a few gaps in my wardrobe - more summer t-shirts or casual tops needed, but I'm pretty content with it over all.

  10. Fazla hiçbir şeyi evde tutmam. Hepsini veririm.

  11. Always a brunette, with years of colouring it, the decision was forced on me last October when I suddenly turned allergic to the hair colour. When my roots were about 1" grey, my hairdresser put lots of light foils through it, carefully keeping it off my scalp. Gradually the grey has grown and blended in through the foils. Six months later I am largely silver, with just a few remaining streaks of dark brown. It has been much easier than I expected, my hair is in much better condition without chemicals. My last cut was several months ago and my hairdresser has closed the salon for now. I am quite happy while not going out, and use hair slides or combs to keep it off my face as needed. You might find you like it if you try the foils too. It only has to be done once. Then freedom!

  12. Dear Mary,
    I would love to see your "new" hairdo. It sounds like you have come up with a winner.

  13. Since you have dark hair, I think it would look really nice to have streaks of silver going through it.

    I will be 58 and have been having my hair professionally colored for about 6-7 years now. Since it has been six weeks since my last haircut and my hair grows fast, my bangs are now in my eyes and my the layers in my hair are grown out and messy. I can't put my hair into a ponytail with the layers, so sometimes I'm using a headband to keep it off my face. It's not attractive, but I have to live with it. As for the color, I had it done several months ago so now I have dark gray roots and that dreaded "skunk stripe" as I call it on top of my head. I don't want to fool around with trying to color it myself, so again, it is what it is right now. When my hairdresser is back in her salon, I don't know yet if I'm going to do full color again or just start doing highlights to integrate the gray. Only time will tell!

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  15. Good morning! I have to be honest with you, I am going to go kicking and screaming to gray hair. My grandmother had long hair to her waist and she dyed it black until it fell out from chemotherapy. I would love to see what you are doing with your hair!

    I cannot wait to get back to the salon to get my summer highlights.

  16. I found your very sweet comment on Jessie's blog. And I decided to stop by your very beautiful blog. It's been a month we only stayed at home and it feels boring. How is your situation?


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