Sunday, April 26, 2020

Garden surprises can be special, sometimes annoying!

Rain again last night but luckily not the damaging storms with large hail
 other places in the southeast received.  
As you can see, the 'reborn' amaryllis is doing beautifully and weathered the storm,
opening even more since yesterday's photos below. An additional surprise
 is that it's not the salmon-colored one I expected, but perhaps 'Charming' from
 back in 2018 which I must have planted out. I think this one is delightful.

A garden surprise is never unexpected, after all a garden is always a magical place.
However bad things sometimes happen.
A plant doesn't grow or thrive in the spot you picked.
A weather happening burns, freezes or soaks it, and an early death occurs.
It is eaten by a hungry visitor - of which there are many - here's a list of wildlife 
that have been caught hanging out in my small garden over the years -

Grey Squirrel
Feral Cat
Black Rat Snake
Copperhead Snake

Most have not just been one time visitors either!
Some, such as fox, squirrel, deer, feral cat, rabbit - have even birthed their young,
in trees, under the shed and gazebo. . . . . .or brought them along from the woods to
 nibble, munch, crunch, trample and crush my lovely plants, shrubs, bulbs and flowers!
Do I get upset? Of course I do.
Do I give up on gardening?  No, and never will.

The underground marauders are almost impossible to deal with - they love roots, 
they need to eat.
The tree climbers escape to places we can't even see at such heights.
The burrowers will always hide out of sight goodness knows where.
The slithery ones are silent and move away effortlessly - and the poisonous
 copperhead is the only one to really be scared of. . . . . and I am!
The beautiful deer of all sizes, though quiet and gentle, can really do a job on a
night time garden raid. Over the past few years, as more and more construction
 has happened close to us and their natural habitat has been stolen from them, 
we've been visited by deer in families as large as six at one time.

I'm really enjoying taking photos with the new iPhone11 Pro.
In fact I'm taking far too many of the garden but what else is there
right now!

Have a beautiful Sunday - perhaps next week, although
still at home, we will hear better news from around the 
world.  Prayers still needed, regulations must be followed.
Let's get those numbers down and hope people will 
soon be able to go back to work.


  1. Your 'found' amaryllis is truly beautiful, Mary. I think I would be scared to find snakes in the garden, though sometimes in France we were visited by them.

  2. No such thing as too many garden photos. Especially when they are this lovely. Wow, that amaryllis is stunning with the raindrops on it.

  3. Love your garden photos Mary. We have bear, deer, rabbits and snakes here too....

  4. Gorgeous amaryllis!
    No, I would not be happy to meet a copperhead snake in my garden or anywhere.
    Right now my nightmare is box elder bugs. I hate that they get in the house and land on us
    when we are in bed trying to sleep. I think I will focus on your beautiful flowers.

  5. how fabulous Mary! I have never seen amaryllis growing in the garden like that, they are beautiful … and the list of wildlife you are seeing in the garden is interesting, we would only see these in a zoo where I live!

  6. Not too many garden photos, Mary - they are all beautiful, and appreciated especially from someone like me who does not have their own garden!
    I had just such an amaryllis, the same colouring, in my late teens in my room at the old house where we used to live until 1988. It lit up the entire room.

  7. What a list of animals you have Mary! Even more than we Aussies have here, and how adorable to be visited by deer and cute rabbits. Not so sure about some of the others... Your amaryllis is very pretty, and a sweet surprise. We dug up some bulbs yesterday we had forgotten all about over the years when other plants took over that bit of garden. We are trying them in another place where we get a few daffodils and their friends. Always fun in the garden. xx

  8. Dear Mary,
    To think that the "phone photography" can outshine a skilled photographers work. Love your beautiful Amaryllis shots.
    I have most of those busy creatures running around in my garden. They are cowards...won't show themselves in the day time.

  9. That's a lovely surprise to discover in your garden, Mary. How great that the amaryllis can grow outside in your climate. Phone photography has come a long ways, hasn't it? One still needs an eye for composition, though, and you certainly have that in spades.


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