Monday, January 3, 2011

Weighing in................

AutoWate.   A cute vintage kitchen scale, nicely chipped grey paint, and registers 24 ounces tops!  
My scale is also in the kitchen, hidden behind a hutch. I hate dragging it out, tapping my foot to turn it on, then taking the step up!  The discomforting brand name is THINNER, ugh!  Of course it's for weighing much more than 24's a people weighing, digital monster.  Who knows its top weight, just hope I never see it!   Only pleasant thing about's silvery grey and black, my colors!

I really didn't eat a lot this holiday season, but I did my share of nibbling......cheese, crackers, cookies, chocolates and such, after all it's only polite, isn't it?  I did not sit down to groaning tables with plates piled high with Christmas specials.  I baked a ham for others...........I do not eat any meat........with the usual accompaniments.  This week I used up the ham leftovers and made a large pot of split pea soup, of course I won't be eating that either!

I didn't even bake this time around, too much traveling and fun visitors arriving kept me busy.  No English Christmas Cake (a delicious, rich, heavy fruitcake with a traditional layer of sweet almond paste and royal icing) perfumed my kitchen.  I purchased a fruitcake from a big box store and, after one bite, wrapped it up and donated the over-sweet, cloying mess of candied fruits, with barely a smidgen of actual cake, to others!  Mince pies, those delightful little individual English ones, juicy with rum, topped with traditional brandy butter, an assault to one's senses on the first bite! No time to make pastry so opted for imported Scottish ones baked by Walkers - OK, but not as good as mine, though I say so myself!  I even reneged on my promise to make a genuine English sherry trifle, swathed in real whipped cream and scattered with toasted almonds. Thoughts of eating the leftovers, then having to unbutton my jeans, were just too disconcerting.  I only had two sips of calorie laden egg nog........but made up for it with plenty of red wine!

So what's a gal to do when the scale shows a bit of a gain anyway?  I do not make resolutions but tops on my list is to stock up on veggies, salads and such, cut out the dreaded sugar, and return to healthy eating.  Another dreaded word floats before my eyes - exercise.  In my case this will be walking more - it's free, I'm able, and Nature provides scenery beautiful enough to make it a pleasure.

What are you doing to get fit for this New Year?

Hope to see you on the hiking trails........and I really think I must go home to England next Christmas so I can eat all those traditional foods once more.

Images taken last Nov. at The Depot and Sleepy Poet - Antiques venues in North Carolina. 


  1. I did really well over Christmas but New Year's Eve weekend did me in! Jason and I had to roll ourselves back from Myrtle Beach! Hope to see you soon! Miss Ya!

  2. Walking - yes! It's the best exercise.
    Can you imagine my shock, yesterday, to stand on the scale and find a gain of 10 pounds? I shrieked, called The Great Dane and asked him to test the scale. The relief when his investigation showed that the batteries were dying was great. I may have indulged a little more than you did, but I'm sure that my jeans fit just like they did two weeks ago. :)

  3. MARY!!!! (((((HUGS)))))
    YUMMY!!! I too, love the first scale in the pictures, but not that I wouldn't take any of the others if offered...hee hee hee
    Happy Happy New Year to you and Bob!!!!
    Hugs, Amy

  4. Mary, Happy 2011 to you and your family. Seems we both are in need of some excursions to the hiking trails...I guess that's normal for this time of year. I'm looking forward to some photos from your side of the country as the year progresses.

  5. Hi Mary. Funny you posted this. I was just looking at some old scales that I have in a cupboard.
    As for fitness, I walk 3 miles a day, but it's back to the gym for me!
    ~ Sarah

  6. morning mary,
    i actually lost a few pounds because i had no appetite for a few days after my surgery. but my appetite is back and i am sure i will gain the few pounds back again.

    we bought a treadmill for christmas and have great plans of being healthier this year. i just have to wait a few months to use it. hard to eat healthier since mr comforts is cooking and his best dishes are mac and cheese, spaghetti, etc... soon though...

  7. Another new year and another goal. This one has no numbers but walking is in there as well as swimming when the Florida weather will let us. Low carb at home and no sugar except for 1 dessert a week from the 1983 Cooking Light Cookbook. We started it on December 1st and have been fairly good. Good Luck with your plan.

  8. Sometimes I just give up and eat. But now I can't stop. I still have a plate of cookies that I think should go in the trash. I do swim a couple times a week and try to walk some too. The foods you described, oh would I love them. Now where is the little piece of fruitcake I hid in the cupboard. Smiling!

  9. Well, as far as those kind of scales...I just don't bother because having chronic illnesses means you cannot diet and exercise. I try and eat well balanced. Now that the ice is melting again outside, I can get out and take a walk.

    Love those scales. I have an old Dutch scale in my kitchen on my chef trolley and love it. Did you leave those in the in the shop? Perhaps you already have some wonderful scales in your kitchen?

    Hugs from Holland ~

  10. Hi Mary
    I tried to leave a comment yesterday but the 'net crashed on me and poof, my comment has disappeared.
    C'est la vie.
    Love all the pix from the Sleepy Poet & the Depot.
    I would ertainly enjoy "hiking" around those places with you.
    All the very best for 2011.

  11. Beautiful pictures!!!
    With great pleasure that I will follow your beautiful and interesting blog.
    Big kisses and hugs from Croatia, Zondra Art

  12. All of that sounded so yummy, but I know it would go straight to my hips. We did not do a whole lot this year either. This year I'm walking more with the dog, more strength training, just to make sure I'll still be able to button those jeans!
    Hugs to both of you!
    Take Care,


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