Friday, July 15, 2016

Taking a break. . . . . . . . . . .

Sometimes there are no words that can be said. . . . . perhaps better
 to stay quiet, reflect, and wonder why.
My heart is heavy, broken, knowing there's nothing I can do to help.
This world is a very sad place tonight.

Nice, France - July 14, 2016


  1. If you are referring to an event that's been in the news, then I have to admit I am not up to date; I think I better go and check a news website or two. If your heavy heart comes from something htat happened in your family, circle of friends or neighbourood, then let me say I am very sorry for whatever it is and sending you a virtual hug all the way from Germany.

  2. I've felt the same, my friend. Truly.

    Love, love, love,


  3. I feel the same Mary.
    Our daughter and her family holiday on the Riviera each summer - thankfully they are not there this year.
    We are waiting to talk to her.
    Such an act is beyond my comprehension.
    I pray for the families affected by this act of terrorism.
    Words fail me.
    The world is indeed very sad.
    Shane x

  4. My heart is broken, Mary. The children...

  5. I was in Pau, France for Bastille Day in 1969. It was such a wonderful celebration - and it was our first night in Pau (attending summer university). So sad to think that people were out all these years later enjoying the Bastille Day fireworks and all that went with the festivities, and then this had to happen. I almost want to retreat to the wilderness and live without news anymore.

  6. So very sad! Praying that love will enter the hearts of those desperate souls. The ones that feel there is not solution but to kill. I am hurting for those around the world that are recipients of hate or have hate in their hearts. May they be healed and surrounded by the warm glow of love. It is indeed a crazy world out there.

  7. Thank you for this moving and elegant post. With the current climate of the world, it is easy to have a heavy heart. However, through sharing your lovely photos and your brief words, we are already moving towards a positive change as we continue to forge connections with one another.

  8. Mary, I am saddened by this also. I pray for the people of Nice and all the horrific things happening in this world. :(

  9. As I watched the news, my world stood still, my mind was full of the horror and life time of bereavement for those families affected. Truly awful to know that there is evil in the world such as this.


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