Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Early morning in Summertime . . . . . . . . . .

Early sunless Summer mornings, following the thunderstorms and rain
of evening and through the nighttime hours, bring heavy clinging
air and windows blurred by outdoor condensation. The porch was
almost invisible today when I raised the blinds just after dawn.
The dining room stayed dark and dreary for quite a while. 

Now living without my thyroid I have to take a new lifetime medicine
on arising, with no food for two hours, which for me is OK. . . . . . but
 worst of all, no coffee either.  Let me tell you, that is hard!

Note I'm already drying some of the hydrangeas which are fading fast in the 
hot, humid garden. I also cut a few hosta seed pods and a tall gone to seed 
stem of parsley to add some height, and because it's pretty.

That's it for today dear readers. I have to take the car to my great repair guys
 and see if they can fix my high beams which seem to have died.
Then we are heading out to do a little necessary shopping in those always
 over-cooled stores.  I'll definitely be throwing on a light sweater once I leave the
 almost heart-stopping heat of the parking lots. This is just not a healthy way to 
spend the Summer, grrrrrrr!!!


  1. The over-use of air conditioning in the US (and probably some other countries, too) is certainly not healthy, and I didn't enjoy that part of the one and only US holiday I've been on so far (Florida).
    Your dining room looks lovely no matter what kind of light there is outside!
    Two hours before being allowed to have coffee... I don't know how I'd cope with that!

  2. Goodness Mary, I can hardly catch my breath looking at that step-back cupboard. SO GORGEOUS!Can I come over and play? lol

    1. Deb, I knew you'd comment on the Welsh dresser - because I know you like it! Thank you again - I bought it new about 30 years ago (it's in two pieces) and it was unfinished. I've white-washed it, painted it white, and the last time painted it blue-gray with a bit of distressing. It will probably remain this color as I like it. There are three useful drawers, a pot board at the bottom, so along with the shelves I find it very useful. Come over any time - but perhaps not today or tomorrow as it's sooooooo hot and humid, you would melt. In fact I'm wishing I could head for Canada where I'm sure it is cooler!
      Mary -

    2. It was +35C with very high humidity today, Mary. Not the Canada we are known for. lol I love that this beautiful piece is so functional, too. And I, too, love the grey/blue look. It would certainly be a place to play with dishes and favorite treasures. You know, the one piece of furniture that I remember most as a child of my grandmothers' was her old wooden china cupboard. There is just something about them.
      Hope you continue to feel well, Mary. But two hours before coffee...oh dear.

  3. Hi Mary, I am no expert, but I did some online research and some suggest taking the thyroid medication at bedtime. The key being to have an empty stomach, for proper absorption. Also some websites said 30-60" instead of 2 hrs. If it were me, I'd discuss this with my dr. Certainly don't do what the internet suggests without discussing it with him or her. Best wishes!

  4. It all looks so pretty Mary. Glad it's cool somewhere.

  5. Mary, I agree, we go from heart stopping heat inside to freezer conditions. '-)
    Your dining room looks lovely even in the dark. Have a good day, my friend.

  6. No not a healthy way to live. I didn't know you had to wait 2 hours after taking the thyroid meds. Hummmm? For many years I didn't know to even take it before eating and just took it with my other pills at breakfast time. Now I take it when I get up and do my computer stuff for awhile. Always love seeing your beautiful cottage. We are having gorgeous weather so far this summer. A little shower then 70-80 degrees and sunshine. Not minding the little showers at all, it saves on watering the garden.

  7. I hope you meant no coffee for 2 hours rather than no coffeeee ever???
    I drink just hot water early in the day and save my coffee till about 9.30 then savour it at the computer ( reading your blog and others ) if home, or where ever I am. Just sometimes I allow myself a second cupbut never late in the day.

  8. I envy that you can get up so early, Mary---I've never had that discipline. I am not, however, one who can eat until after I've ben up for awhile. Now as for the coffee...

    The heat is terrible here as well. I'm very cold indoors with the a/c. This is a new thing for me since I've finally said goodbye to menopause (fingers crossed!).

    Jane xoxoxox

  9. Going without your early morning coffee must be hard. I know I'd get very ratty if I had to wait that long before drinking my first cup of tea every day, so chapeau, Madame!
    Love the simple garden flower arrangement,the hosta seedpods are a nice touch.

  10. Poor you - two hours without coffee first thing in the morning! Coffee is the first thing I have when I wake up. Sounds as though you are having the same grey dreary summer that we're having over here. THough today is an exception - we have blue skies and sunshine at the moment but there's a cool breeze. I've often thought when I've been in the US that the constant change from high outdoor temps to cool air conditioning isn't healthy. Not usually a problem in UK though as you know:)

  11. No coffee for 2 hours after rising? Unspeakable! lol Though starting today, I had a small cup of tea (Earl Grey) instead of my usual big cup of coffee. Reason being - I've been noticing I have feelings of intense anxiety bordering on panic in the mornings, along with a racing heartbeat. Then duh - lightbulb moment. I remember a friend who's the same age as me, saying she couldn't drink coffee anymore because it brought on high anxiety! So I tried just a small cup of tea this morning and wouldn't you know it - no anxiety! In fact, I feel very calm despite the fact that we're having a party here on Saturday with a lot of people, which means I have a ton to do. Anyway, it has been very hot and humid here, too but today is beautiful - high of 83 and low humidity. And only in the 70's tomorrow and Sat. Nice break! I love your flower arrangements. Very pretty how you added hosta pods and parsley for height.

  12. Lovely photos! It is hard to live for two hours without coffee or a black tea. I know! And is hard to work on those summer days without air conditioning.

  13. Your Welsh dresser is such a pretty colour and your dishes so artfully arranged. The hydrangeas here in England are amazing - so many of the deep pink ones rather than blue like at home. I know it depends upon the soil, so I expect there will be blue ones somewhere here.
    I'm not a coffee drinker, but I'd hate to wait for so long before eating anything in the morning. Love the parsley gone to seed in your drying bouquet.


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