Saturday, July 23, 2016

A beautiful day viewing the Ring of Kerry. . . . . . . . . .

Did I tell you I LOVED Ireland?
Of course I did, and here are some of the beautiful spots we visited 
whilst enjoying a perfect sunny day in the South West. . . . . . . .  
. . . . . . . around the famous Ring of Kerry.

View of the Skellig Islands, UNESCO World Heritage Site.
Skellig Michael, the largest island 

Hopefully I'll have a chance to return again some day, there's so much
more to see!


  1. The water is so beautiful whether showing greens or blues...exquisite! Yes, I hope that you may return one day soon.

  2. Now I want so much to go there. It is beautiful!!!

  3. Dear Mary, Your beautiful photographs make me long for the Sea, where I was born. It is because of your photos that we have rented a cottage by the sea in Oregon. It will be a wonderful change for us landlubbers.

  4. You can't help but love Ireland. I am so glad you went.... and me, too, for that matter. It's just magical.

  5. So very beautiful! It must have taken your breath away to see this in person.

  6. John and I went to Ireland on our 25th anniversary. We went to the Ring of Kerry (and all over Ireland). We loved it there. Just so beautiful!! I could really live in Ireland for sure :)!

  7. So beautiful! A wish and a dream for me - to spend some time in Ireland!

    1. Hope you can visit Ireland some day Bev - it truly is a beautiful scenic island - the people, music, food, history, all are so amazing too!
      Thanks for stopping by. Like you, we are heading west to the mountains this week - though I doubt it will be much cooler even there - but will be picturesque. We are so lucky to have so many wonderful areas of great and different scenery here in NC.

      Stay cool - Mary

  8. I have never been to Ireland myself, even though my late husband's Yorkshire family are of Irish descent. It is a place I certainly would love to see - maybe some day... Your pictures are great, they have just shifted Ireland higher up on my list of "places to see" :-)

  9. make me want to travel! I at least hope to visit my friends in England again someday. They also have a house in France, that we've been invited to.

  10. What beautiful colours and textures. Such a scenic land, Ireland is. Thanks for sharing your photos - they inspire more travel itch.

  11. Thanks for taking me back to Ireland for a few minutes. I, too, loved Ireland and hope to return one day.


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