Monday, July 18, 2016

Daisy, Daisy. . . . . . . . . .

. . . . . . . . give me your answer do, 
I'm all crazy just for the love of you,
it won't be a stylish marriage, 
I can't afford a carriage,
but you'll look sweet, upon the seat, 
of a bicycle made for two.

I have a few clumps of sweet fresh daisies in the garden. I always recall this old Edwardian era English song when I see them. I recall happy times when my grandmother Olive sang this song to me.

Oh the simplicity of life years ago compared to today. Songs such as this one bring back lovely memories of days gone by. Of course there have always been problems worldwide, no need to go into details here. Eventually, over weeks and months, news surfaced in the many newspapers, from crackling radios, and on small black and white television screens. Nowadays, due to modern technology, we learn of them every single day. We are instantly informed as horrific happenings occur, all the details shown in full color and close up. 

Do you agree that this is making life much more stressful?
Do you have feelings of hopelessness?
What do you do to get through these sad days without falling apart?

via UK Country Living 

May the week ahead be a good one, for you and the world.


  1. Daisies are among my Mum's favourite flowers, and I like them very much, too. They were part of my Mum's bridal bouquet, which she still gets every year (a fresh one, of course!) from my Dad - for 51 years now, we celebrated their 51st anniversary Saturday last.
    Like you, I sometimes despair of humanity, but then I meet so many kind, nice, generous and good people (in my family, at work, in the neighbourhood, while travelling...) that I can't help but think there is still hope.
    Also, I am pretty good at escapism... be it through reading and/or writing, or playing my favourite computer game, or simply having a wonderful day with the man I love (or even just on my own).

  2. Its a whole different world isn't it?

  3. I firmly believe Life's better today than in years past.
    I do not want to work in an underground coal mine with horrific working conditions. I am glad there is now a cure for leprosy. I enjoy eating a wide variety of fruit and vegetables that my grandparents never knew about. Thanks to modern communication many people have learned to behave in a more humane manner towards animals. Why would I want to live the past?
    It's true that we hear far too much bad news, but that is because news today is a saleable commodity and sensationalist stories sell. The cure - turn off the TV or radio until you want to hear the news. Reinforcing bad stories does not help us to become better people.
    Even if we find ourselves unjustly imprisoned or tortured, somewhere in our memory is something lovely and kind. Hold it. We may not all have many choices but we can choose our attitudes.
    Mary, somewhere in the world it is a happy day. I think that's in your home, with you and the person who loves you forever.

  4. How spot on you are Louise. I agree wholeheartedly with all you say. I almost stated in this post the need now to turn off radio and TV, also not to search for news stories here on the computer. It's going to be a change in my life. I always believed it was the smart thing to do, be up to date on news of the world, to be cognizant of all that was going on etc. The media, in all forms, have become quite unbearable, and in fact disgusting, and are wreaking havoc with our lives and our minds. I have now limited my newspaper reading to the weekly Arts and Gardening sections! Reading time is taken up by excellent books and a couple of really good magazines - UK Country Living for beauty and nature, and some travel magazines. . . . . . . . the latter because I refuse to be scared into not traveling to see the world myself and thereby meet up with people I love, and of course make new friends along the way.

    Thank you as always for painting a positive picture of this one precious life we have. Hello to Darwin - and have a fabulous week.

    Mary -

  5. I remember singing that song growing up. I sometimes think I long for the olden days, but then I remember all of the uncured diseases, all of the other wars and upheavals that have happened. I keep informed, but learn to walk away from the tv, computer and newspapers and find something comfortable and beautiful to do.

  6. I hadn't thought of that song in a long time. Oh yes, so much sadness and hurt. For me I try to surround myself with beauty and dear friends. The beauty I receive is often from blogs such as yours.

  7. My Nana used to sing that song to me!! Daisies are such a simple flower but I love them. When I see them growing along side the road, they just make me smile. Enjoy your daisies and your week my friend :)!

  8. I just turn off my radio! Stay as much as I can away from people trying to talk about every news they read. And reading soft things. This is how I fight stress!

  9. I remember this daisy song from my childhood! Although I used to sing it, "I'm half crazy over the love of you." :-) I just sang it in my head as I was reading your words. And to this day, I love daisies. One of my favorite flowers! As far as the bad news, yes I do agree that it make life more stressful, but I keep it at bay by never watching the news on TV and not listening to news radio. Doesn't mean my head is in the sand - I see the news alerts on FB. If I'm interested in reading the details online, then I do so. Otherwise, the headlines are enough for me. I also choose to focus on positive things instead of all the bad news and I also am trying to be a kinder, more gentle person myself. I've always practiced random acts of kindness, but am doing moreso now.


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