Wednesday, July 6, 2016

What's up with Comments?

This is a test post of sorts. 
For some reason which I can't fathom, there seems
 to be no way anyone can leave comments on my previous post from yesterday!
I've checked all my settings and haven't changed anything there so have
no idea what's up!

Feelings brought on from being in a favorite place.
Feelings of home are the best.

Feelings of being messed up by Blogger/Google/whatever, are frustrating!

Yesterday morning the sun was shining brightly casting shadows onto the brick
pathway by the arbor. At last the new jasmine vines are climbing happily.
 Come Autumn they will have to be taken down if we decide to go ahead  
and paint the house, not looking forward to that.
The day was due to heat up to steamy, languid afternoon hours, and it actually
 did reach 100F, then a huge thunderstorm and heavy rain came in the early evening.
Summer is here.

Please try to leave me a little comment today so I can see if it's working.  Many thanks.


  1. These pics are already making my morning better. So peaceful looking!

  2. Thanks for stopping by Stephanie - now I know my 'comments' are working again, yeah!
    Hope you continue to visit - I'll always try to show you something gorgeous, haha!
    Mary -

  3. I did want to leave a comment to your former post, too, and was surprised to see it wasn't possible.
    Anyway, I love the summery look of your dining room! It is very beautiful, and truly stylish but in a homely and welcoming way, not the "cold" kind of stylish you sometimes get in magazines.

  4. I love your arbor and picket fence Mary. Guess what I have in the oven? A clafoutis! Mine is fresh South Carolina Peaches and Blueberries!

  5. Hi Mary, I love your second photo with that grand tree. How lucky you are to have such a beautiful tree.

  6. Out of the blue comes the blogger booger and of course, it is nothing on their end, but something with your computer, your browser, your settings etc. I think I was going to tell you how beautiful it all looked.

  7. I tried yesterday, too. I wanted to tell you how much I love the sideboard cupboard with your beautiful hydrangeas on top. So, so pretty. I adore your step-back cupboard, too, and would love to see it more often. Your arbor is so cheerful. You've got me thinking now. hmmmmmm...

  8. I noticed that it said 'comments switched off' on the last post! Glad it is working again.

  9. You obviously have lots of lovely sunshine - something that is sadly lacking in the UK so far this summer.

  10. Yes, it is frustrating when things do not work as they should. Did you inadvertently close comments? I have noticed that Blogger has been arbitrarily using that option on a number of my posts almost as a default. I have to check every single time.

    I love the play of light and shadow in these very dreamy photos.

  11. I tried to leave a comment yesterday and it wouldn't let me. Looks like everything is up and running correctly today! yay!!

  12. I've been experiencing difficulty with leaving comments recently. I type them, they disappear. Very frustrating. You know I love visiting and seeing your fab photos. '-)

  13. Hi Mary!! I'm so glad I stopped by your blog today and I can leave this comment :)!! I love the pictures of the picket fence and arbor!! I have been away from blogging since February and I missed everyone, so I am back again!!

  14. Oh I love the light of Summer. Loved your last post too, but couldn't figure out how to leave a comment either.

  15. OK, I'm thinking this is working now, judging from other comments. Anyway, lovely photos per usual. That gate alone is wonderful!

  16. Mary, blogger throws curve balls ever so often. I think just to make sure we are paying attention.... or if we are indeed awake. Everyone has had blogger problems from time to time, I am sure.

  17. Hi Mary,
    I stopped by a couple of times yesterday but saw the message "no new comments allowed" I think it said? Glad whatever the glitch was it's fixed now.
    Lovely pix btw!

  18. I know I'm a bit late seeing your post and everyone has already let you know that what ever googl/blogger was up to all is now OK, but just wanted to say what lovely photos of the arbor and fencing. Ive been busy the past week and haven't had time to read blogs, so forgive me if you've previously given an update after your op. I do hope all is going well for you and you're now back to doing things and enjoying the summer. Take care.

  19. Hi Mary. I'm glad to see everyone commenting ! I too, love the photos. Have a great day. Jo

  20. Noticed that. I am glad that everything works fine now.


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