Sunday, July 10, 2016

Saturday Suppers - Burrata. . . . . . .

My neighbor has been away for five days and, besides taking care of his
 sweet kitty cat Ms. Nala, I was given the green light to pick the fresh harvest
 from his little kitchen garden. So I did!

Here on my plate, his beautiful large leafed basil and crunchy cucumber.
The flatbread pizza I put together using a very good ready-made
 'rustic crust' (Costco box of three), brushing lightly with a good olive oil,
 drizzled on a little sauce which comes with the crust, some shredded Italian
 cheeses, and fresh tomatoes roasted earlier in the oven. A quick 10 minute
 bakethen topped with fresh peppery arugula tossed with a bit more olive oil, 
  and a grind of healthy sea salt. . . . . Saturday supper was ready.

And the burrata?
Oh my, I love this fresh cheese which, when cut open,
spills out its creamy deliciousness and a quick supper becomes 
almost a gourmet meal!


  1. It looks so delicious, Mary - just the type of meal I'll be making in a few weeks after we get home. The food on the Avalon ship is amazing, and I'm eating waaaay too much! It's Sunday afternoon here and we're sailing down the river back to Paris. What a wonderful cruise this has been. Thank you for steering us in Avalon's direction!
    Enjoy the garden produce!

  2. Yummy!! That looks so healthy and fresh. We were bad last night and had pasta.

  3. That looks like a wonderful supper, Mary. You'll have us all out in the farmers' markets looking for the ingredients!

  4. Looks yummy... and very elegant!

  5. Never tried that kind of cheese. I've been canning dill pickles all day and have had it.

  6. Anything with a gooey middle has my vote! I love cheese that oozes out which is perfect to mop up with crusty bread xx

  7. Wonderful - so fresh and beautiful too. Going to my shopping list right now.

  8. Looks both tasty and attractive except maybe the cheese. Must admit I prefer hard cheeses.

  9. I didn't know about the cheese. Now I want some. Your supper looks amazing!

  10. Now that dinner speaks to me, Mary. :)

  11. Wonderful, Mary! This plate of goodness looks so refreshing and tasty. I have a neighbor at the lake that grows enough for a small army and she lets me have full reign in picking! Doesn't get any better than that! ;-D


  12. Isn't that food just beautiful? There is nothing better than fresh produce right from the garden. I love burrata cheese, too. I had it for the first time last summer (don't know why I'd never heard of it before) at an Italian restaurant in Chicago. I had homemade pasta with veggies and then they put a hunk of burrata cheese right in the middle. Absolutely divine.

  13. Dear Mary, How delicious and what a great photograph! I have all the garden ingredients but it's the Burrata cheese and ready made pizza crust that will take a while to organize. But I'm going to find it. It's too good to pass up.

  14. Mmmm!!! That's all I can say :-)


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