Sunday, July 31, 2016

Asheville - Flowers and Antiques ~

When visiting Asheville, North Carolina, about 4 hours from Raleigh,
 our favorite hotel is right in town. We can leave the car in the parking lot and 
walk to many interesting places, only having to drive if visiting Biltmore Estate
 and Village, or up a hillside to the fabulous historic Grove Park Inn, where we
 can enjoy a drink on the terrace with breathtaking views across the city toward the
 Blue Ridge Mountains.

This week we looked down from our window and directly below us found 
the historic Thomas Wolfe House, home of the American novelist. I told you more
 about this home in my post in the Fall of 2014 HERE.

Along the hotel's parking lot was a really wonderful mixed border of Summer
 blooming flowers. The coneflowers, grasses, and especially the tall pink
 Joe-pye weed caught my eye. . . . . .so of course you get photos here!

Attractive to butterflies, Joe-pye weed is a great addition to a wildflower
 or natural garden. Perhaps I will be able to tuck a few plants into my own
 wildlife habitat (yes, it's overgrown and in need of a serious makeover,
 but birds, butterflies, foxes and more love it!), in the coming season. 
This is a beautiful perennial with clouds of dusky pinkish-purple blooms,
the common one growing 5-7 feet which may require staking. There are however 
shorter, named varieties which I'll be looking for. They apparently prefer moist,
 well-drained soil in sun or with a bit of shade. These at the hotel were in full sun,
and seemed to be very healthy in the 95+ temperatures we had in Asheville.
It should be cut back to the base in Winter when it gets untidy.

Anyone ever grown this eye-catching plant with the odd name?

Never leave Asheville without a visit to my favorite antiques, vintage, book shop,
 home and garden venue, the ScreenDoor. 
Didn't make a purchase this time but took a few photos of items which caught my eye.

Didn't realize that dried magnolia sprigs could look so attractive with their
 two-colored leaves. My backyard neighbor's tree drops leaves on to my
 garden - perhaps I can sneak a few sprigs before they fall - they ARE hanging
 over the fence into my space!
Such unusual and charming handmade bird houses - I really wish I had
 brought one of these home with me. . . . . . . . 

. . . . . . .and I loved these illustrations with just one word. Kicking myself that
 I didn't buy one - but couldn't decide between RETURN or RESPOND.
 With such hot weather I think RETURN had the most cooling effect, but I love
RESPOND with the laundry drying in the fresh air too! 


  1. What a beautiful post, Mary. Loved all the natural garden and will possibly add some Joe-Pye next year to our garden. I'm looking to add a few new plants that will attract butterflies.I have a wreath on the mouse house made with magnolia leaves. I get a lot of compliments on it. Now about those bird houses...*love*. Enjoy your day. hugs, Deb

  2. I want Return and Respond !! love them . And the bird houses are darling ! I like them so much ! I , as you know, was raised in NC and going to the mountains was a yearly event .. I used to daydream about living there but the husband was a NYer through and through and then I was sort of worried about going alone. Now my brother lives near there, building a new house for himself ..
    There is no law that says I must stay where I am ! lol

  3. Asheville looks like such a beautiful place for a little holiday. I am going to google The Screen Door to see if they do online selling. Like others, I would like to have one of the illustrations - perhaps Breathe!

  4. I LOVE Asheville! The ScreenDoor Shop looks amazing, wish I were there right this minute as it's SO hot in Houston. xx's

  5. I somehow "lost" your blog and wondered why I had not been seeing your posts! So glad to have "found" you once again. Mary, you have such a talent for photography and all things creative. Happy Sunday.

  6. What a good trip. I've never been there. I have echinacea growing all in my garden at the city house. The goldfinches are eating seeds from them on the stalk though they are prickly. I deadheaded mine just this morning hoping to get another flush of flowers though I haven't a clue if that will work.

  7. We traveled to Asheville in May. We spent most of our time on the Biltmore Estate and had a really good time. We did take a city trolley tour as well. We saw the Thomas Wolfe house and walked and enjoyed window shopping too. Thanks for sharing!

  8. I've never seen or heard of Joe-Pye and when I googled it I see it is listed as an unwelcome weed here so that is probably why. Shame! I find the magnolia leaves are surprisingly beautiful. And those bird houses are just too cute.

  9. So enjoyed visiting Asheville again with you this morning, you always find such wonderful things to show us. I suspect you may have to return for return, m' dear.

  10. I really like those flower pictures! So glad y'all got to enjoy this trip. I think you SHOULD go back and get one of those cute little birdhouses! LOL That third picture down of the close up of the flowers is just amazing--great color and detail.

  11. How lovely Mary ..... a trip, flowers, art and shopping ... what more could anyone want !!
    Was going to say that the flowers are echinacea but Donna beat me to it !!!!! XXXX

  12. Beautiful pictures! Never been to Asheville! Looks like a great place to visit! Thank you!

  13. Nice things to look at - for me, either at a shop or in someone else's house, because I wouldn't want them at my place; I like my clear empty surfaces too much :-)

  14. I have Joe Pye Weed growing on the south side of my house along the fence, but it's in a mostly shady area - go figure! I think this plant is just so hardy, that it will grow just about anywhere. Mine's a few years old now and is about 5-1/2 ft tall. What pretty shops you visited in those birdhouses and the prints.

  15. I am also about four hours from Asheville. It is a wonderful place to visit! I haven't been in a few years though. Glad you had such a good trip.

  16. What a fun trip - everything is so lovely. I wonder what the town was like when the yellow house was first built - how great that they have preserved it. And a wonderful shop to visit - I like the laundry line picture too. I'm so far behind in reading blogs - I need to learn to speed read I fear.


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