Friday, July 29, 2016

Back to the Blue Ridge. . . . . . .

We've just enjoyed a short but sweet visit to western North Carolina.
We met up with some old friends and made some new ones, always fun.
The Blue Ridge Mountains shimmered in the 95F summer heat -
and the sunsets were beautiful. 

These were views from our hotel window. 

Driving home yesterday, the sun was bright , temperatures soaring into
 the nineties yet again. Leaving the higher mountains, the rolling hills were
 many shades of green, and the 'Carolina Blue' sky filled with puffy clouds,  
making the drive so enjoyable. We stopped for ice cream at the half way mark.
Arriving back in Raleigh the heat index was 108F! I quickly ran from the car 
into the cottage which felt wonderfully cool.

As I always say, there's no place like home!  


  1. Dear Mary - the Blue Ridge Mountains look like my kind of country - isn't it interesting that mountains look completely different around our globe? You would imagine that a mountain was a mountain wherever it was. However even in our small country, Scottish mountains are different from Lake District ones, as are the Alps that I have just visited - keep cool.

  2. Hello! Beautiful photos, I love the North Carolina mountains! Do they still plant wildflowers beside the highways in North Carolina, I love that they do that.
    This has been one hot summer, ready for Autumn!

  3. They're so beautiful. Unfortunately, when we drove through them in March, none of the trees had leafed out yet. Still stunning, though.

  4. That was gorgeous Mary, in spite of the heat. It's been like that here too. Can't do much in the heat.

  5. Beautiful shots you captured of the Blue Ridge Mountains, Mary. Your little getaway sounds like a good time. After our recent travels, I agree there is no place like home.
    Have a nice weekend.

  6. Welcome back, Mary. Your shots of sunset in the Blue Ridge Mountains are so very beautiful. I can't imagine the heat though!
    Good news - my daughter has found someone with a tree full of figs that I can have for the picking. I am very excited about making fig jam!
    You asked about my sister's newest book and whether you should read it. I think I'll email you about that!

  7. You captured the mountains perfectly in your pictures Mary.

  8. That certainly is a beautiful view. I love that part of the country!

  9. Beautiful scenes Mary!! Looks just like i remember it

  10. Yikes!! That is too hot. The mountains are just beautiful in your photos. Glad you could get away for a short respite. It will be about 90 here today and that is enough for me. Cool nights have been pure joy.

  11. Blue Ridge, no kidding! Wonderful pictures, and I am glad you had such a pleasant stay there and driving was interrupted only because you wanted it to be - for ice cream :-)

  12. When I lived in a hot place I always told myself sunsets were the reward for enduring the heat of the day. And yours truly are glorious. I love how the colour in the sky enhances the folds in the mountains.

  13. Love the Blue Ridge mountains! Beautiful photos!

  14. Beautiful photos! I just found your blog and I love the Blue Ridge as well, can see them from the hill behind our home..I am in South Carolina and send you a hello from your neighboring state to the south..

    1. Thank you Sparrow Girl, always fun to hear from someone not so far away. We are very fortunate to live in our lovely areas.
      Hope you stop by often.
      Mary -


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