Monday, July 25, 2016

Turn up the heat!

What do you do in the heat of a Summer's day?

Well I had to turn on my oven yesterday and bake a batch
of blueberry muffins!
108F and I'm baking! Crazy, right?

We'll be out of town for a few days. I had a huge box of blues just
 screaming out to be packed into a light, old-fashioned style, cake batter.
A little grated nutmeg and a few crushed almonds scattered on the top.
A quick bake, thankfully, and then a pan of fresh muffins
to share with neighbors, stash in the freezer, with two 
left out for breakfast this morning.

Yum, they are really good, believe me!

Go HERE for an older post with this easy Blueberry Muffin recipe. . . . . 
if you're up for baking in the Summer heat!


  1. I'll try your recipe, Mary, but it will have to get a wee bit cooler first to bake them. They are my favorite type of muffin and I bake them more than anything else. Right now we are using the barbecue as much as possible for meals. Hot in Ontario...Deb

  2. They look really good! It is 102 here right now. What a hot summer!

  3. Mary, you're a better woman than me.

  4. I can see baking those muffins on a hot day. They are the best ever. Have a good few days away.

  5. Your muffins look delicious! I had to turn on the oven to bake the other day (not quite as hot as your area, but still hot in the 90's) ~ I made a banana cake for my husband's birthday.

  6. Your muffins look delicious. But I can't imagine how hot it must be for you - 108 is crazy!

  7. Oh, but how beautiful they look!

    See you soon, my friend.


  8. Mmmmh!! I can almost smell them from your pictures :-)
    When I hosted RJ's birthday party a few years ago at my place (July 27), it was 30 Celsius outside - and I made pizza for everyone, having the oven on full blast for two or three batches... It was crazy, but a great party nonetheless!

  9. Really looking great your blueberry muffin! Summer is hot but worth the effort!

  10. Brave gal! I have not baked for months, but if I were to bake, I might consider these. They look marvelous.

  11. Beautiful muffins Mary. I would bake them anytime!

  12. They look delicious Mary ....... it's been hot here and, yesterday, I decided to cook a roast dinner !! ..... I was SO hot ...... we should have had salad !!!!! XXXX

  13. Oh yum - blueberry muffins are a favorite here too. And now I must catch up on blog reading, as I'm so far behind after a week of vacation. We didn't go far - just a quick few days in British Columbia and a a couple days spent on local islands - but very relaxing.


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