Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Dining in Summer, and my recuperation!

We don't use the dining room much for dining in Summer - eating outside in the
gazebo is much better, as long as the thunderstorms stay away around early evening.

Yesterday, being home alone for Independence Day, which felt a little odd, I decided
 that now I'm feeling a lot better I need to get myself moving. I decided on some cleaning
 and changing things around a bit for Summer so the cottage looks a little cooler on
these hot, humid days.

If you love glass display domes as I obviously do, you have to keep them spiffy clean.
After a while they become cloudy, both inside and out, and look really awful.
Washing them is like bathing a new baby, they are round and slippery and you
 need lots of fluffy towels to wrap them in when drying off! 

I dug out the lovely heavy linen antique cloth I bought in Carcassonne some 
years back, layering the thick French linen bolster cover over it. 
Both pieces are very old and stitched by hand but still in perfect condition,
These hide the warm wood tone of the pine farm table making the room look much cooler.

On the sideboard cabinet I removed one of my big santos dolls to another room,
along with the huge antique dark leather books, and added some of my hydrangeas
 from the garden.

I baked brownies yesterday for my next door neighbors. They invited me to 
join them for a drink whilst, as night fell, we watched a little firework display
 in our cul-de-sac . . . . . . . . fortunately the thunderstorms forecast earlier 
 never arrived. 

I must thank all of you who have continued to wish me well during my 
recovery from surgery. I'm already three weeks out and doing very well.
Last Friday my surgeon 'unglued' me by removing the Dermabond from my throat.
 I now feel free again, moving my neck almost like normal.
With instructions to 'exercise' my neck a lot, treat my incision lovingly with oils and
 creams, and especially remember sunscreen when I go outdoors, I can say that I am
already seeing good progress regarding my scar. A new medication now
 required for life, and hopefully no further problems with my thyroid - well of course
 not as I no longer have one! 
Modern medicine certainly is amazing - and kudos to all the wonderful surgeons, 
physicians, nursing staff, and hospital employees who work so hard so return us to 
good health - you are the best.

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