Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Always time for a baguette.......................

I'm awake and getting ready to leave 
for the airport after a 
very quick piece of toast with my 
steaming mug of black coffee.

I'm just betting that you, like me, always have time for a great French baguette? Still warm from a boulangerie in France is the best....................however this is a great one to pick up when you're thousands of miles and an ocean away from the real thing! 

This is the partially baked Archer Farms baguette from Target and I think it's excellent. I discovered it some months ago and usually buy two, one to bake that evening and one for the freezer. Just 8-10 minutes in the oven for a crunchy crust and a nice slightly chewy interior.
Leftovers are good for morning toast, or a quick lunch when put under the grill with a slice of cheese to melt in all gooey and delicious!
Have you ever baked your own French style baguettes?  Do you do any bread baking from scratch or using a mix and a machine?  If so tips for those of us who are frustrated bakers would be so appreciated.


  1. With fresh baguettes delivered daily at 8.30 am to my local epicerie and a husband who will jump in the car without prompting to go buy one, I've never needed to bake my own.
    Sorry if I sound smug! LOL!
    Have a great trip, happy landings!

  2. No never made our own, but I totally understand what you mean, especially those from France!

    Have a wonderful holiday in Hawaii!

    Sft x

  3. Just got up and now you're making me hungry! No baguettes in our house, unfortunately, but I'm sure going to get some when I'm next at Target.

    Have a great trip, my friend!


    And Happy Belated Valentine's Day!

  4. I bet that toast was gobbled down in no time with all the exitement of your journey Mary!
    I love to bake but I'm afraid bread is beyond me, and believe me I've tried and tried. I use a bread machine now (in fact it's on now!) It took plenty of experimenting to finally find THE recipe that works for me. My tip? Try half a crushed (generic) Vitamin C tablet added to the dried yeast, I have NO idea why but it makes a much better loaf...If you want the recipe I'm happy to pass it on.
    Bet you're on your way by now - enjoy!
    Rose H

  5. Safe travels, Mary. Yes, love fresh hot bread straight from the oven. My grandmother baked bread often. I always think of her when I smell bread baking. Have a grand time. ~ Sarah

  6. Mary, safe travels on your Hawaiian trip today! Enjoy yourself!!

  7. I have not tried that brand before. It looks great! I do bake bread, but only about twice a year and it is usually a rustic Tuscan loaf.

    I did see a special baguette baking pan at a specialty shop that had hundreds of tiny air holes. I might buy it and give it a try.

    You are right, nothing like a fresh baguette from a baker in Paris....with fresh brie and a bottle of wine.

  8. Oh baguettes! You are right, they are best in France. I've started baking my own using the method and recipe in Peter Reinhart's "Artisan Breads Everyday." I'm very pleased with the results, although they still don't have that Parisian air.

  9. I will have to look at Target. My husband has baked them a few times, but not me. We have a market nearby that makes good ones and sometimes I can get them warm from the oven. I usually put one in the freezer too.

  10. You are so right about the baguette...I like to make French toast out of the slices, and sometimes a slice (or torn off piece) crowned with butter is the best bread on earth!

  11. Thanks for the tip! I will have to look in Target real soon. I need to get back to baking bread, and I have that artisan bread recipe that you mix it all up, and that is it. No kneading, etc, my kinda recipe!


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