Sunday, February 12, 2012

Gold Coast, Queensland.........

 Looking out from our condo at Broad Beach

I have one more place to show you from my recent visit to Australia following the sub-Antarctic Islands. Here's a look at the amazing Gold Coast and Broad Beach in Queensland, just south of Brisbane. After our stay in the rainforest with Michelle and Mark here, we were invited to visit Paula's delightful friends, Carole and Graham on the beach.

Carole, stylish and elegant, cooked an amazing dinner for us - I swear I gained 5 lbs. that night alone!  The following day she, and charming Graham, arrived in their off-road vehicle and drove us to see more of the scenic countryside and rainforest hinterland.  In the above pic you can just make out the distant ocean, and tops of the beachfront high-rise buildings, from the higher areas we visited.

Descending from those high hillsides, we could see the building where we were staying in a very modern condo, it's the taller of the two strange shaped towers in the center.

Loved seeing more rainforest, and having lunch in a lodge where those adorable pademelons were munching and hopping outside the window.......................

Many people were hanging out here because Hang Gliding was the big sport - imagine flying over such beautiful countryside with just the air currents propelling you.
Have you ever been Hang Gliding - do tell us about it if you were that brave!

On our return to the beach, we stopped for afternoon tea in a picnic area and, while Carole surprised us with the most delicious homemade cake ever - think apricots, ginger and marmalade - Graham set up the little stove and proceeded to 'boil the billy' (Australian for 'put the kettle on')and made the best cup of tea..........complete with swinging the 'billy' in circles - you Aussies reading this will know what I mean!

That evening we all 'dressed to the nines' and walked to RockSalt, an amazing restaurant near the beach, with excellent food and service. In the above pic taken from our condo balcony, you can glimpse the beach as the sun goes down..........another wonderful day in Australia before we headed home the next morning.

I really loved Australia and the delightful people I met during my much too short visit. 
If only it wasn't so far away!  


  1. It is definitely a long far way to go. I would love to return to New Zealand too. Who knows, but maybe. In the meantime I have thoroughly enjoyed your travels here. Oh how I would love to see pictures of the tea and cake. They both sounds wonderful.

  2. How beautiful it all is! No, I have never gone hang gliding. It sounds amazing though, don't you think?

    I can just picture the picnic of cake and tea.

  3. It is definitly a beautiful country with such a varied landscape and, it's too far away. What a lovely time you had visiting in Brisbane. Beautiful photos Mary. Have a great week! Pamela

  4. Makes me want to go back now, not later.

  5. Your trip was packed with great things from end to end! What a wonderful way to say goodbye to Oz.

  6. What a little treat, to find there is more for you to share with us.

    Have just loved sharing this trip with you Mary.

    Have a lovely time in Hawaii and I can't wait to see the photos!

    Sft x

  7. Hi Mary how wonderful to be in the islands Hawai.Que enjoy. A hug. Manoli

  8. Looks like we saw some of the same sights and things, albeit your memories are more recent than mine from years ago. Solution: we will need to return, this time together.
    Your DH,


    1. Yes dear, we need to go back together - it's changed a lot since you were there I'm sure!
      Love ya, Mary

  9. What a truly beautiful place! Loved the photos!

  10. What a wonderful place to visit, and to share a cup a tea with some wonderful friends too.
    Take Care, ulrike

  11. Your photo of the 'lace-like' leaves and light shining through is beautiful. My favourite Mary. You could almost frame it and hang it!

    Nice pics of the Gold Coast....when I first started going there it was quaint.....with little beach-side shacks/flats that people rented for the Christmas holidays. They were everything you wanted......out your back door and ten steps or so to the beach! Put down your beach towel and that's where you spent the morning! Then back to the flat for watermelon and praps a read or a nap. Ahhhh...the good old days! No more however.....development has taken over and tourism increased. Good for the locals....and tourists I guess! And nothing stays the same does it Mary....

    Enjoying these posts.




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