Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Visiting Maui and Lanai islands, Hawaii................

 This is our view from the lovely house we are staying in on the island of Maui this week.  Across the water, where we saw whales this morning, is Molokai.

 A short walk through the garden brings us to 
the small private cove with plenty of kayaks available.......

 ...........and the swimming pool, all very lovely.

I have to admit that I love this kind of outdoor living in Hawaii and, despite always saying I was not a lover of the tropics, this is not so bad after all! In the living area, the entire wall of glass slides open and the garden becomes part of the space where one can enjoy breakfast and other meals, or just kick back and relax, listen to the birds, and feel the trade winds gently blowing. There don't appear to be any flying, or more important, biting insects here......perhaps I am in paradise.

 Yesterday we took a day trip leaving Maui and crossing to Lanai by ferry.  The pleasant 45 minute boat ride included some whale spotting and I did manage to get the good pic below..........

....'fluke up' dive, occurs when a whale lifts its tail upward as it begins to dive revealing the ventral (underside) flukes. 

Lanai is a very interesting island.  We loved exploring this desolate beach named for a WWII liberty ship which wrecked here and has been left in the ocean, a rusting hulk battered by the relentless waves.

 There were a few ramshackle shacks with interesting, think 'shabby chic' peeling paint, probably used by fishermen......

........and flotsam and jetsam thrown up by the sea.

Paula had us climb the rocks - Bob, me, Rob and Kim - for a beach shot.

More on Lanai later.......it is the former home of the huge Dole company which shipped up to a million pineapples daily when growing here. Sadly, if a Lanai resident wants to sink their teeth into a juicy, fresh pineapple now, they have to shop for one on Maui.


  1. Love these pictures of the Hawaiian Islands. We lived on Oahu for awhile and this brings back wonderful memories of island life.

  2. Wonderful photos. Great whale tail shot! Enjoy. (it snowed here again last night which makes about a foot of snow since Friday night!) Pamela x

  3. Finally caught up with you. Have been sick again for nearly three weeks and so fed up!
    The photos are so exotic and the colour of the sea to die for - you lucky girl and boy!
    There is nothing wrong with your photos but I'm in the market for a new camera if you want to pass yours on to your oldest friend - hint hint!
    I will drop you an email when I have the energy
    Love to you both

  4. What a beautiful place. I can just feel the tropical winds blowing and hear the waves on the shore.


  5. Yes Mary, you are in Paradise! Thanks for the postcard (blog style)!

  6. It looks so wonderful - and warm! We're in the midst of a temperature dip here, with a cold wind, and I'm longing for warmth and sunshine.

    Great whale fluke shot. Those are hard to capture.

  7. Surely, you will be having that fabulous whale shot enlarged, printed and framed at home - it's superb :o)
    Rose H

  8. I knew you were really a tropical paradise lover after all - what's not to love? What a blessing during these cool days to be in such a gorgeous place - safe travels home, friend! Jeannette

  9. What a beautiful Lanai - I can imagine morning coffee, the soft warm breeze....paradise!

  10. Just enjoyed the whole trip from the beginning. It looks like you are having another wonderful adventure, loved the photographs, it feels like I know more about Hawaii and the landscape. Loved the whale watching. You made us smile with Bob outside the shop. Lovely to see blue skies, grey ones here!
    Enjoy the rest of your holiday. ..you lucky girl. X

  11. I'm enjoying this Hawaian adventure with you Mary!
    Great photos - you certainly make the most of each day!
    Your lanai is a lovely retreat at the end of the day.

  12. Hello Mary, I admit to forgetting to visit you on a regular basis. I have grown used to your absence and I am sad about that. I am trying to improve my dear friend.

    Your trip to Hawaii is wonderful. We spent two weeks in Hawaii several years ago. We fell in love with the beauty of the islands. Your photos make me wish we were there again. We rented a condo on the big island.

    Happy days to you my dear friend.
    Love, jeanne

  13. Absolutely stunning photos! Yes, you ARE in Paradise! How fortunate that you have this special time with family and friends in one of the most beautiful places on earth!

  14. I have missed visiting you, Mary! Lovely Maui. A whale sighting or more, I just love it. My favorite thing about Hawaii are the whales.


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