Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Island life..................

So much to see and enjoy here on Hawaii, known as The Big Island. 
Sharing some of the amazing places I've seen since arriving.

Best ever fresh papaya with lime juice for breakfast.........

...........while sitting here and enjoying the ocean.

Later, spending the days sightseeing around the island...

........famous for its huge fields of black lava stretching as far as the eye can see.

Tropical rainforest plants.

Waterfall at Akaka Falls State Park.

View across to the town of Kona from the house where we're staying. 

 Snow in Hawaii!  
This morning our our drive to Volcanoes National Park 
we noticed it had snowed on top of Mauna Loa 
during the night.  
Whoever knew it snowed in tropical Hawaii!

 Mt. Kilauea Caldera - the most active and most dangerous volcano in the USA.

 The lava flows down to the ocean - beautiful coastal scenery.

More next time............a few more days here before flying to Mauai.


  1. FAB U LOUS! Keep the wonderful photographs coming, please.

  2. Gorgeous.

    Seeing snow in Hawaii is mind-boggling!


  3. Wow! Now that's a delicous looking papaya!! The big ones served over here, are called "Formosa", although they're also yummy, I still prefer the papayas. Lovely to hear you are having a wonderful time over there! Come back soon, miss you!! Love, Vanessa

  4. Beautiful photographs, I hope you are enjoying your trip a lot. A hug. Manoli

  5. Your post bightened my day, it's dull and miserable here :o(

  6. Fantastic scenery Mary, and great photos.
    Will be back to see what you get up to on Maui!
    Have fun..♥

  7. Thanks for sharing your beautiful pictures, Mary! My favorite is the one with the surfboards. Enjoy your trip!

  8. Great photos Mary. I would love to go there some day. Enjoy! Pamela

  9. Beautiful! What a lovely view from the house you are staying in. Seen any whales yet? Oh how I love the humpbacks in winter there. Enjoy Maui.

  10. Aloha! Island life, indeed. You do live the good life, Mary. ;-)
    Can't wait to see more...........Sarah

  11. Is that mullein growing in the lava beds!? Wow! These are amazing photos! The views are just breath-taking!


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