Monday, February 6, 2012

Winter neighborhood walk............

Everyone, and their dog, seemed to be out 
walking last weekend.  
It was such beautiful weather to be outside.  
I joined in...............even though I was minus a dog.

'Carolina Blue' sky................a squirrels nest, 
old oak leaves and pine cones hanging on.

Fiery Pyracantha berries and leaves.  Oddball 
outbuildings in a neighborhood yard.....

...........Texas star, a lighthouse shed, a windmill.

The bright Winter sun peering through the woods.

Still beautiful dried weeds, small touches of green.

The creek so quiet, no babbling over the rocks.  
No snow yet to bring a Spring flood.

Images from my iPhone last weekend.
This weekend was nowhere near as pretty, cold wet and dark all day. 
I didn't get to walk at all ~ but I did catch up with all my blog friends who 
also seemed to be snuggled up at home.


  1. That's why we love North Carolina - for the four seasons of the year it brings in all its different glory.

    Your DH,


  2. Isn't walks in your neighborhood just so special, especially with photo capabilities along. I was telling my husband tonight I needed to do this soon. I don't walk as much in the winter and begin to miss it.

  3. Wonderful winter shots! Those certainly are interesting outbuildings in your neighbor's yard!

  4. Sometimes I wish I could just borrow a dog for walks every now and then haha.

  5. I try to take walks every day here at home, and there is always something new to be found!


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