Sunday, February 26, 2012

Whale watching in Hawaii............

Whale watching off the Big Island of Hawaii........two and a half hours on a bright yellow boat, searching the cobalt blue waters for those immense creatures, the female humpback whales, who come to Hawaii at this time of year to give birth and nurture their young in the warm waters. The males accompany them hoping to mate again before heading north to Alaska to feed. There will be up to 10,000 whales here in Hawaii over the Winter months.

Watching for these beautiful huge, yet gentle, creatures on a warm and sunny day is extremely pleasant - except when the woman with the big black floppy brimmed hat keeps jumping up in front of your camera just as a whale breaches off the starboard side!

My whale pics are not great........................catching these gigantic yet fast moving humpbacks requires a fast shutter and a much better camera than my present one.

So this time all you get are some whale glimpses, however we are going out again in a few days time here in Maui.........hopefully I'll have some better ones then.

I'm now planning to get a new camera.  I think it's about time I upgraded to an SLR with a good lens and a fast shutter.  I've put it off because I don't like carrying that heavy, bulky equipment, and I'm just lazy when it comes to learning new technology whether it's cameras, computers, or washing machines, ha! ha!

Our whale watching boat....a fun trip in the blue Pacific.


  1. I think you got some great shots Mary! I know exactly what you mean about learning new technology. I have had my Canon SLR camera for over a year now and I still use my kodak point and shoot.

  2. You are SO lucky to witness such a wonderful natural marvel Mary. Thank you for sharing your photos, which by the way I think are lovely :o)
    Keep having a wonderful holiday...
    Rose H

  3. Mary, that water is blue. So beautiful! I've been putting off getting a new camera too for the very same reasons. I think you've always taken amazing photos though. I was surprised when you told me you use a point and shoot. Just goes to show one needs to be a good photographer too. ;-)

  4. Hi Mary. I think you got some pretty amazing shots of the whales! Beautiful photos. Have fun! Pamela

  5. Your photos look just great to me!

    I totally understand how difficult it is to catch whales on camera.

    I saw humpbacks in South Africa in 2010, a great experience when I wasn't chucking up over the side of the boat.

    I wasn't alone.

    Sft x

  6. Your pictures are spectacular, Mary! Now, if I were on the boat with you, we never would have spotted a whale. I bring along that sort of bad luck!!

    I just upgraded my camera but still keep my small one in my purse to whip out on short notice. I am waiting for the opportunity to really get some good shots with the new one!


  7. I think you and your camera did a super job! I'll trade you spot on the couch tonight for your spot in Maui!

  8. These are amazing images dear Mary!
    I haven't had the priveledge of seeing whales up close like this - such amazing mammals it makes me go all goosey thinking of them!!
    Dolphins often play alongside our boat and that's special too!!

    People standing up on such occasions is v annoying. Last time in Paris on the Bateaux-Mouche, we had a whole family who did that - I was furious as I thought I would get some very special photos too....
    Shutter speed is definitely the key - I've often had a whole camera full of 'blurred nothing' shots - like you I simply couldn't carry heavy equipment now so I'm stuck with my very ordinary Lumix!!

    I'm enjoying your Hawaii experience dear Mary - thank you!
    Wishing you a happy time

  9. What a terrific little yellow boat! And your whale pics are quite good. You might enjoy Paul Winter's Songs of the Humpback Whale -- whales singing combined with people-music:

  10. Such an adventure you're having! I love the shot of the whale ta

  11. Hmmm - I hadn't finished my comment when it published with no help from me! I was trying to say that I liked your shot of the whale's tail flipping in the wave.

  12. I'd love to go whale watching but it would have to be a day with very calm seas - I'm not a very good sailor I'm afraid:) Must be fantastic to see these huge creatures so close up.

  13. Congratulations on the five-year anniversary! How exciting to whale-watch and to do it in such a fantastic place!


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