Wednesday, February 22, 2012

More from the Big Island of Hawaii.......

 Place of Refuge National Park, Hawaii......

..................a very windy spot

 Note the snow just visible on Mauna Loa behind 
the blowing coconut palms on the beach below.

Bob at the Hale O Keawe, Place of Refuge

 Young boys don't mind the wind though, fishing 
from the lava which has reached the sea is still 
fun on a school holiday.

 Funky little towns with delightful shopping.........and shop we did!

This salesman was wearing the usual Hawaiian shirt and 
a sarong! Kim and Paula checking out a Koa wood 
ukulele - Rob in the background - my Bob hanging about somewhere outside, 
need I say more about his shopping enthusiasm!

 Tropical color everywhere.......

Near Hawi on the northern coast of 
was very mixed weather, warm and a wee bit humid, 
somewhat windy again, then almost chilly for a while, 
and an occasional heavy shower.......

...........the Big Island of Hawaii seems to 
have several different areas of weather all on 
the same day!

 Our group, pic by our waitress, left to right - Bob, Me, Paula, Kim and Rob.
We've traveled together often and always have a great time.

 Hawaiian sunset.


  1. More stunning shots, gosh the weather changes quickly and often, doesn't it.
    Nice to meet Bob at last!

  2. What a sweet photo the last one is :o)
    Love the shop, looks like such fun.
    Rose H

  3. I enjoyed your pictures, Mary! The one thing about Hawaii that I love is all of the bright tropical flowers all about and the lovely scent in the air.

    It looks like all of you are having a great time! Looking forward to more posts!


  4. Hi Mary! Beautiful photos! Hawaii is certainly a tropical paradise. ENJOY!

  5. Lovely bright colors. Those Hawaiian textiles are gorgeous.

  6. It looks beautiful there no matter if it's windy and gray or sunny and hot. Great photos. Hugs, Pamela

  7. Oh, your photos are all so beautiful...and I'm sure it helps that you are in a wonderful place right now! I'm so glad I 'stopped' by tonight to see how things are in other parts of the world. Enjoy your holiday!

  8. Beautiful! Love shopping when I travel. You all look like you are having a good time. Now how will you ever be happy just staying at home?

  9. Amazing! Loved the wind! By the way, I could almost smell that papaya from the picture on the next post. I forgot to mention that! I'm enjoying your vacation! :-) My brother and his wife were married there on the beach over a year ago, incidentally. My brother was born in Tripler Army Hospital when Dad was in the Navy, and going back there to get married was really great for him!

  10. One word...Paradise!
    Lovely photos.
    So much colour there too.

  11. Oh Mary, thank you for bringing me back to Hawaii through your gorgeous pictures and comments. I am home from work again sick-so tired of this! I wish Jim and I were with you all; Jim would keep Bob company...Enjoy every minute! Eat some of those island foods and send the health benefits on back here. Hugs and love, Mary Ann and Jim

  12. It looks beautiful but I would have hated that wind - you can see from the palms how hard it's blowing.


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