Thursday, February 23, 2012

Good Morning................

...........from my breakfast spot yesterday, a surprise, a very large visitor, the Norwegian Line cruise ship, Pride of America, just outside the window. 

 This shot was taken from the the pool where I took an early dip.  With 2,000 plus passengers and a large number being tendered onto shore for the day, we stayed away from the town center until early evening when the ship sailed away as the sun went down.

You perhaps heard on the news that Pele was grumbling on Kilauea yesterday, and there were many small earthquakes here on the Big Island.  We didn't feel a thing!

Off this morning on a whale watch cruise - hope to get some pics to share next time.  We fly to Maui tomorrow.


  1. What a beautiful setting for breakfast and a dip in the pool. Can't wait to see the whale watching!

  2. Don't blame you for staying away from the crowds:) It looks a very pleasant spot to spend the day anyway.

  3. What a beautiful morning picture! A little different than mine this morning Hah! Enjoy it, Maui is my favorite memorable place ever!!

  4. Fancy that ruddy great ship ruining your view like that Mary! LOL.
    I'll bet the whale watch was both facsinating and awe-inspiring....just fabulous :o)
    Rose H

  5. Staying at your island idyll while the cruise ship was in town seems to me a very good idea. Your view is just stunning!

  6. It all sounds quite out-of-this-world! Have a good time on Maui! If you meet any red heads playing bagpipes, they're my cousins from Hanna!

  7. I really wasn't aware of the diverse landscape of Hawaii.
    The cruise ship was a wonderful sight to wake up to this morning Mary.

    Look forward to your pics of the whales!!!

  8. Oh I hope you saw some whales. That is one of my favorite things about this time of the year in Hawaii. Love the humpbacks!!!!


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