Thursday, February 2, 2012

Colors of Vietnam..........

More images I captured while enjoying the wet afternoon in Hoi An, Vietnam.  
Words aren't really necessary.
Hope you just enjoy the colors of this lovely place.


  1. Good Morning Mary,
    Lovely to chat with you yesterday!

    The colors are so vivid there! That yellow and green are amazing.

  2. Growing up I saw stories of the war in Vietnam on a black and white tv. Your pictures have shown me another Vietnam - beautiful, but not perfect, and not in black and white. Thank you.

  3. Mary your photographs are amazing, I'd be hard put to pick a favorite but I think I love the contrast between the old, shabby rundown outside and the pink, trendy inside of the shoe store the most.
    Keep 'em coming, dear friend, you know how much I enjoy travelling with you this way.

  4. These photos are just exquisite! The colors are so stunning, and you have captured these vignettes beautifully. It makes me want to paint these scenes! I know it meant a lot for you to get to see them, and for your friend Kim to share her country with you, and you again with her through the photos!

  5. Beautiful photos Mary, I love the bright colours and flowers are always a favourite of mine.

    We plan to visit Vietnam one day.

    It's definitely on the list.

    Sft x

  6. Magnificent! Beautiful colors! Oh how I would love to go here. Did you buy some shoes. Love the lanterns from yesterday and the one today. Oh the colors, yes they speak for themselves. Now I see where the colors came from in my friends art quilts she made while living there.

  7. Beautiful, Mary! As always, your photos are wonderful!


  8. What gloriously colorful photos, and what beauty you have found. Wow. I love all those yellow walls too. Amazing.

  9. Another cracking set of pictures Mary, the colours are amazing.

  10. Such beautiful colors, all to make people smile.


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