Saturday, March 3, 2012

LANAI...... island of contrasts.

The HAWAIIAN just never know what you you will find.  The weather changes constantly from seaside to volcano peak..............75 humid degrees as we leave the house mid-morning, later a few showers and cooling for a while, then blustery winds making the palm tree fronds blow and the coconuts tumble to the ground!
Here, on that recent day trip by ferry to the island of Lanai, on leaving the 
Shipwreck Beach, 
we drove up through the red rocks 
to the 'moonscape' named the Garden Of The Gods.

Who would have known Hawaii even had areas so arid and non-tropical..........this was so different and quite jaw-dropping after so much green, not even a coconut palm in sight!

Driving back down toward the coast, the clouds returned and the former pineapple growing fields were lush green, and the home of horses and rolling pastures.

We stopped at this beautiful Four Seasons Resort for lunch............

........Rob, Kim, Paula, me and Bob. tacos, which have become my new favorite here in the islands, especially when the fish is freshly caught Mahi Mahi!

Love eating outdoors - the patio was really beautiful here above the ocean.............

........and dessert was a yummy fresh lime tart with 
guava honey sorbet and 
crushed macadamia nuts.

A few interior shots from inside the resort...................

Much more to share with you but so little time..................stay tuned, 
more coming when I can catch up!


  1. Having never been to the moon, I can only imagine that Lanai and it have a lot in common! Beautiful! Your posts are always a learning experience, Mary!

    Your lunch looks tacos! I have had them before but the fish is always shredded and mixed up with veggies and a sauce. Your dessert looks outstanding! What a happy group you make!


  2. Aloha Mary! I've just been trying to catch up on your Hawaii, what gorgeous photos you have been taking. I appreciate the special tour of all Hawaii has to offer, through your lens.

    Also, congrats on your five years of blogging! It seems so many of us started about the same time with our venture into the land of blogs. You are one of the special friends I've come to enjoy so much because of your lovely presentation on your blog and your warm heart too. Thank you for being there.

    I've never yet visited Hawaii but feel almost as if I have after perusing your posts here. It sure is an interesting and beautiful place...with so many different vistas, from barren moonscapes to lush tropics.

  3. Our friends have just returned from Maui with lots of lovely stories. Next year.......

  4. I have been looking at all your beautiful pictures of Hawaii – what a stunning place! How I wish I could be there instead of looking at TV to make sure tornadoes are not returning… I don’t understand how your old blog Across the Pond could be hijacked? What do you mean? Someone deleted it? How could they?

    Happy bloganniversary – five years – that is a long time. Many bloggers stop so I admire you for having stayed with it. Congratulations. Your pictures of Lanai, the horses, the food and the resort are like eye-candy. Thank you for taking us on your gorgeous trip.

  5. Aloha Mary. Looks like you all are having a grand time. Glad to see Bob is with you on this trip. You are bring back wonderful memories. My first big adventure as a working single gal was to Hawaii with three other teachers. We had a wonderful time. Enjoy ~ sarah

  6. Great photos and articles Mary, please keep them coming. I like the look of those Fish taco's by the way !

  7. I went to Hawaii with my family when I was 14 -- that was 32 years ago, so I am sure much has changed though the scenery would be just as beautiful! Enjoy! Best wishes, Tammy

  8. Gorgeous! Everything is just gorgeous! That dessert looks too beautiful to eat. Love, love fish tacos. The Garden of the Gods is beautiful in it's starkness. The round rocks are intriguing.


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