Friday, March 23, 2012

A Glimpse of Singapore.................

The Airbus 380 is a huge plane, the largest flying the skies................very nice ride and we landed gently, quietly, softy at Changi airport. An unexpected and interesting plus to the usual 'flight path' map on the seatback screen, was the webcam mounted on the tail giving us views of take off, landing......and, while in daylight, the very long 13 hours between!  

My image of the famous Marina Sands Bay resort - taken from the taxi as we whizzed along on our way to our intown hotel.

via Wikipedia

 (Window) shopping on Orchard Road where mall after mall contained every designer shop imaginable.........and required a fat billfold!

 French patisserie with a cute macarons display.

OK, no more time to chat, our ship awaits and we'll be boarding this afternoon. Singapore is an amazing place and I wish we had a lot more time to explore.


  1. Singapore is one place I'd really love to visit! I'll be checking in on your posts and traveling vicariously with you once again.

  2. Friends that travel alot for business always tell me I should go to Singapore. Your pictures are a tease. Thanks for sharing!

  3. I definitely would want to explore some more! It looks fun and exciting! But on you go!


  4. It looks fabulous but I'm pretty sure the humidity there would wipe me out!

  5. Catching up this morning. Beautiful images and words as usual, Mary!

  6. Fascinating glimpse of Singapore, brought back memories of our visit there in the early '90's
    Love the handbag window display!

  7. Very interesting way to display macarons! Thank you for your photos and words...little moments caught by you and shared with the rest of us. Singapore looks very clean and beautiful...


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