Thursday, March 8, 2012

Home away from home..........not really!

Hey, when life gives you lemons, make they say!
Well not quite lemonade, but a nice bottle of Shiraz toted along with pajamas, and a few personal items stuffed into an overnight bag.

We're hoping to spend only one night here, just 5 minutes from our home, as Mr. Marriott's guests...........after all we just spent three nights at his fabulous Kauai resort. I have to admit, this Residence Inn does not compare in any way, shape, or form!

Kauai Marriott Resort and Beach Club

Awesome view from our Kauai beachfront suite

The plumber dug deep into the depths of the lovely green lawn, no pipe.  He started over and dug again, for a long time. At last the leaky pipe shot water into the air but dusk was falling, much too late to make repairs so he'll be returning to complete the job and then we can spend more precious time at home. The huge pile of laundry from the trip awaits, the cottage needs a clean and a spruce up, taxes need to be done, bills paid, Bob needs to catch up on his work, and I need to get going and cook low-cal meals so we can knock off the pounds gained while overindulging in delicious Hawaiian food!

We need our water. We obviously don't appreciate how much it means just to turn the faucet and have it gush forth in all its clean wet glory!  We are so spoiled by modern conveniences. 


  1. Hope you get to go home soon! I know that after traveling there is no place like home, even if your trip was fabulous...

  2. What a homecoming - I'm glad the problem has been found and you'll soon be in your cozy cottage. We are indeed spoiled by modern conveniences.

  3. Hope all is fixed and you get to return to your home soon. Good to see you still have a sense of humor and are able to carry it all off with a bit of style or wine or both. ;)

  4. Nice to hear you being very philosophical Mary but not how you want to finish a holiday.
    I have now been very poorly for nearly 4 weeks and have at last made contact with a new doctors' practice in Teignmouth. Tests to follow and hoping for some answers as I cannot go on like I am. Even Mike is running out of patience.
    Lots of love to you both

  5. Goodness Mary, I missed your last post - pleased to read the house wasn't wet, but oh dear still no water....hope it all goes well for the repair tomorrow. You'll need a holiday to get over the trauma! ;o)
    Rose H

  6. You sure travel to some beautiful places, my friend!

  7. How awful to come home to a water leak! Hope you have been able to get back into your house by now and that all is well.

    Thanks so much for your very nice comment on my blog!

  8. Oh, Mary, what a way to bring this adventure to an end. ;-) Glad you are safely back and hope you are in your own bed soon.
    Love your sense of humor. Will be in touch soon. Big hugs ~ sarah

  9. Hope that your plumbing problems are soon sorted and that you can get back home and get started on that laundry soon:)

  10. It's good that you had a nice bottle of wine to comfort you! Hope things go smoothly and you are home again with well operating plumbing. (We came home from vacation once to flooded carpets and all the flooring had to be replaced due to a burst pipe.) We do take water for granted, don't we. It hasn't really been that long, relatively speaking, from the days when all water had to be fetched from the village well or the local stream. I can't imagine!

  11. Oh yes, we do need water. We are having a bathroom remodeled and the water was off for a day. We were scrounging for water in a tea kettle or refrigerator to make it through the day. Welcome home! What a greeting you had.


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