Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Heading home......................

Later, I'll tell you of the exciting but very wet adventure by catamaran to the Napali Coast of Kauai...........

.............we're back on the mainland and took a drive to Napa Valley wine country for lunch with friends yesterday.  Now at San Francisco airport awaiting the flight home via Atlanta. Have fingers crossed as we were informed yesterday we have a water problem at the house............hoping it's just under the house and not inside!  Hawaii shared enough water with us............Kauai especially where the flooding became quite horrendous for many on the day we left!

Will be back with more stories later.


  1. Mary, dear! I've been thinking about you, and missing you too. How is everything? Hope you are having a wonderful time! I can't wait until your back, and hear all about your trip. I also have some news to share, looking forward to seeing you dear. Love, Vanessa

  2. Safe trip home Mary!! I hope your water issues are non-existent!

  3. Glad you're safe and sound and back on the mainland Mary. What wonderful, atmospheric photos :o) Hope your home is safe and sound too...
    Rose H

  4. Good luck with the water problem at home and happy travels.

  5. What an adventure! I hope you have better luck with your trip home than our friends who took two days to make the trip as airlines cancelled their flights.

  6. Welcome home... hope your lovely NC cottage is dry as a bone

  7. Hi Mari, I'm glad your back, I want your house this good. no problems
    The pictures are beautiful.
    A loving hug. Manoli

  8. I know you must be glad to be home, and it seems the two of you had a wonderful trip.

    I hope you found minimal water problems when you returned home.

  9. How beautiful! Hope all is well at home. Happy trails.


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