Friday, March 9, 2012

March marvels in the garden........

It was a real treat to arrive home to some blooming beauties in the garden.......kind of took the hard edge off the plumbing problems. This magnolia is still small, just about 3 feet tall, and I was concerned that it might not bloom without any cold weather all Winter.........

...........but here it is in all its pink loveliness.

The verbena seems to be very early but is already draping its bright blooms over the wall......again due to Springlike weather no doubt.

Our water leak was repaired by mid-afternoon yesterday and we were able to sleep in our own bed last night.  I was so tired, I didn't wake until late this morning - perhaps I'm still on West Coast time too. Completing the five loads of laundry brought home from the trip took up most of the I just have to attack the tall pile of ironing staring me in the face!  

Maybe no ironing today though as I have two aching arms following a visit to the immunization clinic yesterday! I needed a Yellow Fever shot for a trip later this year, a Diphtheria-Tetanus-Pertussis booster (mainly for the Pertussis now that whooping cough is making a huge comeback), and I decided to spend a small fortune on the Shingles vaccine hopefully to put me at a lower risk for contracting that often excruciating painful condition.


  1. Mary, these magnolia blooms are so sweet. Love the little touch of pink.
    Glad the water leak is now fixed. I know you're happy to back home even if laundry and ironing are part of the experience.
    Your travel schedule is incredible. I'm in awe of your energy. I admire that you and Paula don't let the dust settle before you are off on another adventure.
    Cold and wet here today, but sending springtime hugs your way ~ Sarah

  2. Phew, I bet you're both relieved the leak has been sorted....there's nothing like your own bed after all.
    The magnolia is looking magnificent, the sweet verbena too :o) Don't like the sound of those shots though.....
    Hope you get a good nights sleep without dreams of the ironing pile!
    Rose H

  3. Your flowers are so pretty! I am glad you were able to sleep at home! Good idea to get those shots. Our neighbor in his 50's just had his first case of shingles....not fun at all!

  4. Your flowers are beautiful! I have none in this barren ugly yard.

  5. The magnolia blooms are lovely - it's too early for them here as yet. Hope your arms soon feel better, Yellow Fever is one shot I've not needed up to now. I didn't realise that whooping cough is making a comeback, I had it when I was small so hopefully have natural immunity now.

  6. Your beautiful flowers made me smile, I love magnolias and always regret not planting one when we moved here 15 years ago. Too late now!
    Shots & leaks, what a combo I bet your glad that both are now taken care of.
    Wishing you a calm and relaxing weekend,

  7. Your flowers are gorgeous. I have been debating about splurging on the shingles vaccination. I think my insurance will pay for part of it, but still more than I like to spend for pain.

  8. This magnolia is AMAZING! I have never seen one with pink tinges before. It's truly beautiful...what a nice welcome home gift!

  9. Wow those magnolias are so lovely. I don't think I've ever seen any that werent' on those giant magnolia trees in the South. Having grown up in North Carolina myself I never realized how magnificent those trees are and how fragrant the flower. I love your travels - I live vicariously through you. Your photos and tales are just wonderful. Hope you do okay with that shingles shot. My doctor advises against getting that shot because he says that it sometimes causes shingles and that the side effects can possibly be worse than the shingles - don't know anyone that has ever had it to know personally if that's true. Can't wait for your next adventure.

  10. Lovely, LOVELY photos! I miss my garden, but life changes, eh? There's a new garden on the horizon for me with different soil but I am sure I can fill it with the same love that was put into the ground at The Wild Little Garden. :) LOVE your photos. Oh, and I am afraid of zip lines, but loved hearing about your fun on them!



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