Sunday, March 18, 2012

One thing.......................

...........leads to another.

Early this afternoon, before the sun appeared, I ventured into the garden. It rained last night, drenching rain accompanied by thunder so loud it awoke me from a deep sleep. Everything was washed clean and the grass appeared to be two inches taller than yesterday.
You may recall I mentioned my Spring garden chores have been a big fat zero. No time between these two trips to clean up the remaining fallen leaves. I'm on my not weeding, instead asking Mother Nature's forgiveness for letting my little cottage garden become so overgrown and untidy while I travel the world! I did however grab the pruners and cut off the dead daffodil flowers (always leave the foliage until it dies back, it feeds the bulbs for next year), trimmed dead hydrangea tips, and cut back the Knockout roses. That's why I'm titling this post 'one thing leads to another". Really I should have been stuck here in the house addressing the packing issue!

I stepped outside into the back garden today because the fox was there. Standing quietly, surveying the garden around the gazebo. I hope so much she doesn't have her babies here this year. Seeing her looking so calm in a familiar area makes me think there may be a new litter of kits soon.
Do you recognize these rather bland buds waiting to burst?  They are the wisteria on the arbor..........

...........and I was surprised to see them opening. Of course they will be beautiful when the purple racemes are dangling elegantly, and their soft perfume fills the air. Our azaleas are also getting ready to put on their spring colors. I'm hoping all these beauties will still be blooming when we arrive home at Easter.

Looking up I see the flowers on our one remaining dogwood tree showing their pale green petals which will soon turn white.

Another embarrassing thing................I've not even hung a more seasonal flag on the potting shed, still showing Autumn pumpkins and falling leaves, shame on me.

I'll miss my garden as this is the time of year when it really looks so lovely, but with much of April and all of May here at home I'll be able to catch up. Mother Nature, I promise I'll do better!


  1. Your garden looks like is is very content....not worrying at all about being tended to. Mother nature does know best....

  2. Your garden looks lovely, I agree Spring is very special.

    Sft x

  3. I must admit that I try not to be away in March and April so that I can get the garden sorted - doesn't always work out, last year I was in South Africa in March and this year I'll be in Ireland for a week in early April. I'm sure your garden will look lovely left to its own devices - you can catch up when you get home again.

  4. Your garden looks beautiful, just as nature intended, but I do hope you'll take down the pumpkin flag before you go cruising!

  5. It won't hurt anything for nature to take a hand Mary, after all it's us changing nature that makes us tidy, trim and prune!
    Go on, get your cases packed ;o)
    Rose H

  6. I'll be away off and on for 5 weeks in April and May, so I feel your pain. This time, at least, its only a few hours away, so I hope to get home for a day or so every week. There's no way I can get the garden ready and deal with all the dirt left from the septic work and tree removal. Yikes.


  7. It will all still be there when you return! Work always waits, and multiplies itself! :-) I love the photo of the just opening wisteria blossom! So gorgeous!


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