Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Leaving home............. always hard to do!
You know I'm loving all this traveling to see the great big world out there, but I do miss my home while I'm gone!

Seeing my much-loved bits and pieces on the front porch, as once again we haul the heavy suitcases down the front steps, always brings a lump to my throat.......wondering what will occur whilst gone. Hopefully no water leaks like last time - turning the main supply off this trip - thankful for kind and thoughtful neighbors who lovingly look out for our little cottage when we're gone.

Early Spring shadows on the porch

When we return, southern gardens will be bursting out all over. Today I can see the dogwood blooms already opening, buds on my fig trees, even peonies poking through the ground. Spring will have arrived fully and with all this early warmth and sunshine and I just know what will be facing us..............plenty of back breaking garden chores! That's fine though, I'll be up for it I'm sure, the exercise will be good and the rewards worthwhile.

Family and neighbors will take care of the cottage so I won't worry. Hopefully I'll be able to post now and then from the Queen Elizabeth.........meanwhile the garden will grow on without me!


  1. Have a wonderful, safe adventure Mary. We'll look after your blog while you're away ;o)
    Rose H

  2. I agree, its great to see all the wonderful things this world has to offer, but so nice to come home to familar surroundings and your own bed to sleep in.
    Have a safe trip.

  3. Mary, I'll be thinking of you sailing across the seas and seeing the world. Have a wonderful trip! I'll look forward to all your beautiful photos and posts upon your return. Blessings and hug, Pamela

  4. Such a beautiful porch and color on your house. Happy travels!

  5. Mary, your home is so charming! I love all your beautiful things! May God look over it in your absence, and look over you as you travel! Bon Voyage!

  6. Have a great trip, have fun, stay safe & take lots & lots of pix!


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