Tuesday, March 27, 2012

A Glimpse of Kuala Lumpur

Our tour bus - taking us around this amazing city.

 Petronas Towers - highest twin towers in the world.

National Monument - designed by Felix de Weldon, architect of the Iwo Jima Memorial in Washington, D.C,.

Best friends,caught acting silly by Bob, at Malaysia's National Monument.

Kuala Lumpur, the capital and largest city in Malaysia.  Surrounded by forests and hills and is the only city in the world to have a million year old primary forest within the heart of the city.


  1. Lovely pictures, you look like you are having a good time. My cousins daughter lives in Malaysia, she met her husband here in the UK and they got married before they went out to Malaysia to live.

  2. What a fabulous photo of the forest! Looks as though you are having a good time:)

  3. Looks like you're having fun, keep the pix coming.

  4. It looks like a spectacular city! Love the picture of you two...

  5. Glad you and your friend are in this together - takes an adventure from better to best to be with the ones we love. Your last picture is amazing - a bit serene with glimpses of modern day. Enjoy this time.

  6. You could be a travel photographer, Mary. A new career.

    It's good to act silly with your best friend!

  7. Mary, looks like you are having a grand trip. Cute photo of the best friends. ;-)
    Posting my Tartan Parade post this evening and the tea cozy is featured. I keep it out and in use year round. Smile and think of you each time I see it. Thank you, sweet, thoughtful friend. ~ Sarah


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