Sunday, March 18, 2012

I have a bee in my bonnet................

My personal peeve right now is reading stories of doom and gloom for the garden due to lack of bees arriving to pollinate. Perhaps if more organic gardening was practiced, and people would hold off spraying all those toxic chemicals around the place, the bees and other friendly creatures would have a chance to do what they are best at.

Last week I already had bees arriving........several on my daffodils. Lovely healthy looking bumble bees enjoying the sunshine and gentle breeze, a pleasing sight. Not only have I not sprayed a darn thing, good or harmful, on anything this year, I haven't even had a chance to do any clean up or weeding. Hopefully Nature will forgive and keep on tending my garden for me until I get home again!

Garden visitor on a warm March afternoon.


  1. No sprays or toxic chemicals in my garden either Mary and I've already seen quite a few bees about.

  2. I don't use sprays or chemicals on my garden either....Your bee and daffodil pictures are beautiful Mary.

  3. I definitely hear you, Mary. I am not exactly organic, I use pellet fertilizer, that's all. And not on my veggies.


  4. I'm with you and Rowan, my garden is as organic as can be, and quite a few bumble bees about :o)
    Rose H

  5. We love the bees visiting our garden and have wild flowers growing outside our summer house which they adore.

    Have a great trip.

    Sft x

  6. Beautiful photos Mary. No bees here yet. I believe it's the honey bees that are dying off as their hives have been infected with a virus or something that is killing them. Bumble bees are different but I'm sure they also do a lot of pollinating. Have a great week! Pamela

  7. We have bees in the garden and frogs or toads (not sure how to tell which is which). Lots of earthworms. And today I saw a large yellow butterfly. I am not using chemicals - can't say the same for the neighbors but in my garden is very lively. Your pictures are beautiful. Daffs are spring time.

  8. Absolutely with you! No sprays in the garden, or the house. Those "cleaning" things are just as toxic to people as to bees. I have discovered that white vinegar will kill some of the more annoying weeds.

  9. Love seeing your garden visitors and daffodils. Not sure we have bees yet, but we have plenty of daffodils. One of my all time favorite flowers.


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