Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Sailing in elegant style..........

Upcoming, a fabulous ocean voyage. 
Time to share our next trip as we leave in a week, flying Raleigh to London then on to Singapore. After exploring there for a couple of days and having high tea at the famous Raffles Hotel, we'll board Cunard's newest ocean liner, the Queen Elizabeth, for a 12 night cruise.

Needless to say, getting ready for this one is another full time job. Not only will we be spending time on board a ship known for elegance as practiced in the old days of sailing - think several formal nights and dressing for dinner - we'll be taking shore excursions into some very hot countries where casual dressing will require cool garb to deal with the heat, yet be appropriate in other cultures. The number of suitcases is growing and Bob is already groaning at the thought of lifting them! Naturally the same old question has reared it's ugly head again, "Why do you women need so many pairs of shoes?" 

We'll be visiting Singapore, Malaysia (Kuala Lumpur and Penang), Thailand (Phuket), Sri Lanka (Colombo), India (Cochin and Mumbai), and the United Arab Emirates (Dubai). This trip is a segment of the QE's 2012 World Voyage.

We'll be a group of nine this time, including Paula, Kim, and Rob again, and our dear friends Babs and Eric from England. We're really looking forward to this adventure together.
Off now to find the perfect LBD! (That's the little black dress of course - we all need one due to luggage limitations). Of course in those good old days the glamorous Louis Vuitton steamer trunk could hold ball gowns, mink stoles and glittering tiaras, real evening wear. Somehow jet planes have taken the joy out of that travel option.


  1. This is all so exciting! I've been following your travels over recent months and have enjoyed reading everything you have described and photographed so beautifully. This trip will also be memorable as you sail to those exotic places. It brought back memories for me of my "trip of a lifetime" sailing to England via the Suez Canal and after approximately two years working/holidaying, returning via the Panama Canal, 1963/64. Some wonderful ports of call then too.
    Looking forward to reading your posts.....Have a wonderful time.

  2. Wow Mary, an elegant trip for an elegant lady, such wonderful Countries to visit and such a gorgeous ship to do it on, cannot tell you how much I envy you. Will have to stick with your photographs and descriptions though.

    I hope you all have a wonderful time.

  3. Wow! How wonderful! What an exciting trip to take Mary. You'll have lots to share along the way and when you return. Have a wonderful and safe trip! Hugs, Pamela

  4. You lucky, lucky girl!
    What an amazing trip you have before you, all those wonderful places to visit and then "home" to the QM2 for evenings of elegant dining and dancing.
    Ask Bob if he thinks I'd fit into your suitcase!

  5. just realised it's the Queen Elizabeth that your sailing on, wow!

  6. And i can't wait to experience it.!!!

  7. HI Mary
    I've been following your travels... such fun!
    even though not posting any more on my blog you may remember we lived in Singapore for three years. Yes Raffles is amazing and I imagine you'll also have Singapore Slings in the LongBar there!!
    But the hardest thing is to dress elegantly in such humid hot climates! Especially when touring out and about in the streets and buildings. I'll be following with excitement as I've been to Phuket,Thailand and Malaysia too. Amazing you are going back to Thailand. What a traveler you've become!!

  8. Mary, what a fabulous, spectacular trip!!! Yes, you will need some time to pack for this one! I am glad you always post your travels for us to see the world!!

  9. Super lovely blog!


  10. Hope your adventure is wonderful and glamorous and, especially, fun. Your home will be there, your blogging friends waiting for your next installment... But your friend friends are precious enjoy each moment you have with them. And take lots of pictures. Happy Trails.

  11. My but you are traveling the world the past few months. What an amazing trip. Wow! I would love this one. Happy travels and good luck with the baggage.

  12. What a marvelous trip. So looking forward to your pictures, as a Cunard trip has long been on my must-do list.

    But I'm getting jet lag just trying to keep up with you. Whew.

  13. How very exciting! I wish I could push myself into that suitcase and be a stowaway. Guess there isn't room with that LBD. LOL
    Have a fabulous trip, Mary. ~ sarah

  14. Wow, that's quite an itinerary and what a difference of locale from Asia to the Arab Emirates. I'll be looking forward to the photos when you get back!

  15. What a fabulous trip this will be and dressing for dinner will be wonderful - photos of your evening dresses please:) I'd love to have afternoon tea at Raffles Hotel, the nearest I've managed so far is the Winter Palace in Luxor. Have fun!


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