Saturday, March 3, 2012

Mornings on Kauai......................

View from our breakfast spot this morning after the heavy rains stopped.  This resort on Kauai is fantastic and gigantic. A lot of tourists milling around, such a different feeling from the peace and quiet of the two houses we were in on the Big Island and Maui. Later today, Saturday, we are heading out on a catamaran for a trip along the Napali Coast of Kauai to view the awesome cliffs...............fingers are crossed the rains will hold off and the fog will clear.


  1. A grand place indeed! The trip to the coast was fantastic and the boat ride back to port amid all the thunder,lightning and rain in near darkness all made for a very thrilling experience.

    Your DH,


  2. You know I hate you, right? Well, maybe "hate" is a too strong word....but just "envy" doesn't quite say it!
    Thanks (anyway...LOL) to share such beauty with us.

  3. We have plans for Kauai in 2014. I hear it is just spectacular and so peaceful. We might even include the rest of the family in this trip, even a new and much loved grandbaby due in September. I think I might have mentioned this, but I am still beyond excited.


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