Sunday, September 22, 2013

A trip and a birthday..............

Sunflowers, all flowers, who brightened our days of Summer with beautiful color and fragrance......we will miss you.

Yesterday I spent several hours working on the plans for an upcoming trip. It was that kind of day - not one of the brilliant sunshiny days of Summer, a season officially leaving us later today - just a dreary, overcast grey day where you feel like doing nothing much, going nowhere, just filling in the hours doing chores, reading a good book, organizing your photos, daydreaming and such.
I should be thrilled about going away again, and if truth be known I really am. However, DH is away for the weekend - a high school reunion 'up North', and I just feel a bit lonely and sorry for myself.

This trip will be special. My dearest is taking me away to celebrate my birthday, one of those newsworthy ones ending in an easy to remember, big fat zero! When these roll around signaling the start of another decade, suddenly one sounds so much older than the previous number ending in a nine. Actually we're going on the trip early so I'll still end in '9' when I return! Anyway, whilst pounding the cobblestones and admiring the sights and sounds of three fabulous old world European cities, I plan to forget about numbers and just have fun!  
Oh yes, where are we going? Tell you soon.


  1. Have a great trip when it comes around. Leaving a 9 behind does not really make much difference to the next day when you start with a 0, as long as you are fit and well, and have a zest for life, which you obviously have.
    We have a trip coming up in October, and then one in November which is a delayed Wedding Anniversary trip. The place we are going would have been too hot for us to visit in July.

  2. You and I are both leaving a 9 behind this year Mary. My big day is in November. Hope your day is sunnier today. We had a lot of rain yesterday, but this morning the sun is shining brightly.

  3. I'm fast approaching a "0" - but enjoying every minute of the journey. Have a grand time on your vacation. I know there will be lots of fabulous photos.

  4. Mary, this sounds like a lovely adventure to celebrate another big "0" birthday. Can't wait to hear the details. Happy Fall to you!

  5. Mary, no doubt your trip is going to be fabulous and fitting to celebrate your "0" birthday. I do hope you take us along to share your birthday xx

  6. Don't worry about the number Mary. Be glad you have got that far.... Wishing you a very happy trip and Birthday.
    I think we all need low key days to recharge and catch up on mundane tasks. Sometimes that can be soothing and revitalising.

  7. What a fun way to celebrate another "0" birthday. A trip to Europe will be wonderful. I'll look forward to hearing about the destination and then enjoying your wonderful photo perspective of your trip.

  8. Good morning Mary, May your birthdays be filled with joy and wonder..and best of health!

  9. Dearest Mary

    Just focus on your up-coming trip - it's so exciting that both you and Bob are sharing this one - think of the memories you will have to talk about for ever more!! Also you're almost a teeny bopper while you're there!!! LOL

    Our Spring weather has been very fickle so far - brilliant sun shine and warm one day and the next (like today) cold, dull and raining.

    Now tell me what you're packing for this time of year? I've loved your previous posts when you've told us about your layering - with links so we can buy too!!

    Bob's probably home by now and you're not lonely any more - wish I lived closer and we could have got together!

    Shane xox

  10. I am sitting here with bated breath waiting to know where you are venturing to.
    How exciting! Yes, someday we just feel sort of down and sorry for ourselves,
    but then the sun shines again and we can laugh and dance.

  11. Oh Mary, thoroughly enjoy your wonderful birthday trip! How amazing. Happy Birthday too!

  12. Oh, the suspense! I guess I need to catch up on more of your posts to find out where this jaunt will be! Best wishes for a wonderful birthday, and never mind whether the number ends in zero or not. Every single one is precious!


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