Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Downtown Raleigh, North Carolina - Part I

Saturday afternoon, warm and sunny. Lightweight fleece jacket, comfy walking shoes and off we went, hubby and me together, walking through downtown.
Raleigh, capitol city of North Carolina, our home for thirty plus years. In that time we've seen many changes. The sleepy southern town we moved to in the late 1970's has blossomed and grown into a vibrant city.

Besides many large state government office buildings, 
downtown Raleigh has amazing museums including the 
NC Museum of Natural Sciences.

I recently went to this stunning exhibition, 
The Tsars' Cabinet - Two Hundred Years of 
Russian Decorative Arts Under the Romanovs at 
the NC Museum of History.

The Greek Revival style North Carolina Capitol Building.

Not long and these beautiful trees will be green again.

One of many statues on the Capitol Building grounds.

The 75 foot tall monument to fallen Confederate soldiers 
of the Civil War.

Taller buildings seem to be appearing frequently dwarfing the 
older buildings and several churches around Capitol Square.

Coming toward us up Fayetteville Street, a strange vehicle we'd not seen before, the Trolley Pub.......pedaled by fourteen laughing young people, and a driver, taking a sightseeing tour and having a cool one along the way! Don't think my legs would do too well on this tour!

More my speed at this point in time, the Raleigh Trolley bus!
More of Raleigh on a sunny March afternoon coming soon………


  1. Beautiful as always... I used to love strolling around Downtown Raleigh, I have way too many pictures! That was way back when I thought I'd never come back to the US... The museums are definitely something fun to do while down there, I enjoy many afternoons at the Museum of Natural Sciences with little Luna... always curious fingers! :) Dear, I hope you are having a beautiful day! Love ~ Vanessa

  2. Hi Mary! I have been to Raleigh to visit my friend, Jan a few times. I haven't been up there in a while though. The weather was just gorgeous this weekend wasn't it!! I think I would be taking the last trolley you photographed also :)!! Have a lovely week my friend!

  3. Wonderful photography, worthy subjects...it strikes me that when the leaves are full again, the beautiful architecture will be hidden from many views until next autumn. One reason to love the seasons. At least the new tall buildings have some style and grace to them. Love the pedal tour and think what fun for young legs!

  4. I have only been downtown Raleigh once. It is a beautiful city Mary. Thank you for taking me on a little tour!

  5. What a beautiful city! The architecture, both old and new, is really interesting, especially that globe on the museum building. Wonderful photos, Mary. It's nice to see your town.

  6. A beautiful tour Mary. I love the Natural Science Museum globe, very unusual. The pedal trolley looks so much fun and would certainly work up a thirst!

    The old and new architecture reminds me of so many cities now where the new tries to overshadow the old but instead enhances it.

    Thank you for taking us with you. xx

  7. They do look like they are having a grand time on The Trolley Pub. What a clever idea.
    Loved visiting your city and driving down the streets. The huge planters on each side of the one street are fun to see.
    The museum with the huge globe, I am wondering if you can step inside when you are in the museum. Now wouldn't
    that be interesting to see inside our world? Thanks for sharing you city with us.

  8. I adore this tour! Thank you! I must confess that I "almost" moved to Raleigh right out of college. Carolina Power & Light interviewed me and offered a job, but I decided to turn it down. My life would have taken an entirely different course, and I doubt that I would have never met Jim along the way. It looks like a vibrant and growing city. Love the reflections in the glass and the compositional frame up with the street light! The capital building is certainly attractive. I agree that the pedal version of the trolley is best left to those youngsters who don't mind sore muscles the next morning, LOL. The traditional trolley is my speed too.

  9. Ha, the trolley pub looks like a hoot! I must say that I think that the new buildings rising in the background enhance the church in front giving a sense of both progress and history. Enjoy the tour:)

  10. So beautiful! Love that huge globe at the museum. Very cool! And that tour with the cool one sounds like my kinda thing. You could always pretend to pedal. :) Best wishes, Tammy

  11. I've never been to Raleigh so I'm glad you gave us this little tour. I think I'd prefer the red double decker vehicle to the trolley pub. The Tsar's Cabinet sounds like a wonderful exhibit. I just read a book about Russia and seeing the display would fit right in to my mind frame at the moment.

  12. Thank you for the tour. Raleigh has some amazing architecture, and I love that globe! Looks like a fun place to visit, with many points of interest. Would have loved to see that Russian exhibit.

  13. Hi Mary,
    Great post and then "BAM", the trolley pub. That absolutely made my day! I have got to do that one day :-)

  14. lovely post. i love the pictures of the globe they look so dramatic. xx

  15. What a wonderful share! I haven't been to downtown Raleigh so it was delightful for me to see all it has to offer. I'm so glad you came by to visit my blog! I didn't blog much all last year and since about November have been trying to get caught up with people and do more posting! I'm not sure that Trolley Pub is the best idea, though it sure is innovative! :-) The Raleigh Trolley looked more my speed! Loved the buildings! And how nice to see some sunshine back east!

  16. Ooops, forgot to say, I didn't get photos of Sierra Vista. We went into town, saw the show at the HS and then on to the Mexican restaurant for lunch and really didn't see anything of interest about the town. Glad to hear your sister lives there. Maybe some time when you are visiting, we can get together somewhere and meet!


    1. Thanks Marie, it would be a fun visit! It's my brother-in-law and his family who live in SV - it's been several years since I've been there but hubby has gone now and then for special occasions. Guess I need to get AZ on my 'to visit' list!

  17. Wonderfull architectuur, park place and Church fotos, greeting from Belgium

  18. It seems so beautiful, a nice town really worth a visit. Can't wait for part two...


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