Friday, June 12, 2015

All Packed. . . . . . on my way soon!

We're leaving tonight. 
Instead of two there will be three of us crossing the pond this time!
After a giddy week revolving around her high school graduation, we are taking 
granddaughter Jasmin to England to visit family and friends. She was last 
there 10 years ago so I know everyone will be surprised to see how that little 
girl is now all grown up!

Some of you asked what I'm packing this time.
You should know me by now. My somewhat uncolorful life revolves around
 neutrals when it comes to clothes and decor . . . black, white, cream, natural linen, 
and all the many shades of grey.
But, for me, perhaps a wee bit of cheating as my 'greys' include, old pewter, cold iron, 
silvery steel, a whiff of lilac, a nosegay of lavender, the stormy sea,  and puffy clouds at
dusk. . .  even cool shades of aubergine, navy, petrel blue. 
For my trip to England, where late Spring/early Summer can still be cool and 
often damp, I'm staying with my best loved colors and textures shown here.

I don't wear many prints, but I do love stripes.
My pants are various shades of grey, and one pair of shorts in cream.
Note the hat - for rain or shine, hopefully more of the latter!

I also take jackets rather than cardigans - I think a jacket can be dressed up 
or down, depending on the occasion, and it always looks more structured and tidy. 
My favorites right now - the zipped short black textured knit collarless version from 
Simply Vera Wang, and the asymmetrical closing crinkled linen/cotton blend from 
Eileen Fisher.
I love J.Jill's linen mesh kimono tops - they layer over tees, tanks, camisoles - are 
so light to wear and pack. And yes, there is a print tucked in there, navy, grey and white, 
it even has some sparkles on the front so will be useful IF I'm required to look a bit 
dressed up! 
However, not taking any 'dressy' clothes this trip - life will be casual in Torquay -
and the couple of days sightseeing in London just require comfortable clothes and 
shoes for lots of walking.
Leaving the current 90+ degree days here in North Carolina, and spending close 
to 8 hours on a chilly overnight flight (I almost froze to death on the my trip across 
the pond last month), requires dressing in warmer clothes. Airline blankets are 
truly flimsy excuses for comfort and warmth.
This time I'm wearing cozy charcoal grey knit joggers (Lou & Grey), a 
lightweight, textured long knit sweatshirt-style top from H&M. . . . . . and I always 
add a cuddly scarf for my neck as the cold air seems to blow down viciously on 
passengers on these larger planes. Note my lightweight Eileen Fisher raincoat tucked 
in there - wouldn't dare step on beautiful green British shores without being prepared 
for showers at any time of year!

. . . . . . . and shoes? Are you wondering?
I've never managed it before - just three, yes that's three pairs -
sandals, leather espadrilles and leather walkers. We shall see
how that works out. 
BTW, they do sell nice shoes in England!

Hope to keep in touch from the old country!


  1. I've always loved your style, Mary, and I admire your practicality--I need to learn from you! I noticed right away the pretty mesh kimono tops by J. Jill. I have to look them up, very pretty. You are smart with what sort of shoes you bring, I usually pack a variety (and they are heavy!), and then gravitate to the same pair over and over.

    I thinks it's just great that Jasmin is coming along, what a treat for you and thrill for her! And a beach house!! I can't wait to read all about it.

    Hope all is well with you. Love to you and Bob and safe travels.

    Jane x

  2. Bon voyage! Think you're going to need that rain coat:)

    1. Darn it! Should I be packing my wellies too Rowan? I think today is stormy but hopefully it will improve after we arrive. It's 93F here today - I don't like it this hot.
      Thanks for the Bon Voyage.
      Hugs - Mary

  3. Oh Mary, how exciting. There is nothing like going 'home' to see all the loved-ones. Have a wonderful time. You'll look 'smashing'. Hugs, Deb

  4. Ok...I need you to be my stylist! You need to spend a couple of days with me, creating a wardrobe. I love how you dress Mary!

    Have a fabulous time!

  5. Have a wonderful, wonderful visit! Lucky Jasmine! I do love your fashion style too. You always look very well put together.

  6. You always look stunning, Mary. I like your colors and textures among the choices. ;-)
    I know the three of you are going to have a wonderful time. Lucky Jasmin to get to travel with you and Bob.
    Be safe and enjoy every minute.

  7. Wow, another trip across the pond so soon! How cool that you are going back home though and taking your granddaughter with you. May you have a safe flight and I'll look forward to seeing photos of your new adventure!

  8. Ah, you are coming over again! Yes, you will need your wellies and a kagool! It is currently pouring down but they say by the middle of next week it should be picking up again. Typical good old Blighty weather :-D Have a wonderful trip my lovely xx

  9. Love your style, Mary! I have been eying those kimono tops from J.Jill, I may just weaken.
    Happy travels and time with family.

  10. So stylish as always, love all your many shades of grey, the descriptive language is something to savour.
    Glad to see you've packed a mac!
    P.S. have you had an ice cream cornet yet?

  11. Safe travels, the weather is not too bad over here!!

  12. Have a good time in the UK Mary! Crossing my fingers for lovely weather. We will be leaving for England in a month too. Can't wait!

    Madelief x

  13. Have a fabulous trip with your DH and beautiful Jasmin! Can't wait to catch up on your return (if I haven't melted in a puddle by then) - safe travels! Jeannette

  14. You are so cute with your coordinated wardrobes! Love the choices you show. You will be dressed "to the nines."

  15. My goodness, another trip! I hope you are having (or had) a lovely time. Sorry that I haven't been able to visit. Too little time these days.


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